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Birmingham, AL – Website and SEO Expert Shares Tips to Improve Your Website

This week we are looking at user experience and how website page speed plays a role in that. Many users don’t want to wait long for a website to load. If a page takes more than 2-3 seconds to load, 90% of users will leave. If they are leaving right away, then it doesn’t give them a chance to interact or make a purchase. Many factors play into user experience…

Hoover, AL Digital Marketer Explains Algorithm Updates and How To Scale Business

This week on the Fusion One Marketing Blog, we talk about Google and its recent algorithm update. This update is called Google’s Helpful Content Update (HCU). It is a ranking algorithm that determines how closely a site follows Google’s guidelines. The idea is that the algorithm prioritizes content that is considered high quality for searchers. Google cre…

Birmingham, AL – Digital Marketing Expert Explains Online Reputation Management

The foundation of online reputation management is the first thing we discuss. Have you ever Googled yourself? The information you see is an indication of your current online reputation. When a potential customer searches for you, the first thing they are going to see is a review. Your company may have a high-quality operation, but ultimately, customer review…

Birmingham, AL – Digital Marketer Explains Google Search Quality Rater

This week we discuss Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines and what the algorithm wants to see. There are over 14,000 quality raters and their purpose is to ensure that Search is showing the most relevant and reliable sources. The raters use the guidelines to determine how well the content aligns with the search. This rating system will dictate the rankin…

Birmingham, AL – Digital Marketer’s Tips for Boosting SEO and Business Success

This week on the Fusion One Marketing blog, we have a more technical post for you. We are discussing schema markup: what it is, how it's used to boost your SEO, and how to implement it on your WordPress website. By the time you finish reading it, you will find that this valuable tool can help boost your SEO and ultimately gain you, new customers. As Googl…

Hoover, AL – Web Designer Shares Website Security Tips | Fusion One Marketing

Your website is one of the greatest tools you can have for reaching new customers, sales, and sharing valuable information with your customers. There is no SEO without having a website. With that much power resting on your website, what are you doing to keep yours safe? This week on the blog we are talking all about protecting your WordPress website from mal…

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