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Fremont, CA – Oxygen Sensor Problems? Visit Our Auto Repair Shop for Servicing

When your car is having oxygen sensor problems, the issues can pile up quickly and leave your car running badly—or not at all. At Fremont Foreign Auto, we are here to help. While a component failure can occur with the oxygen sensor itself, it usually works as an early warning system for bigger problems with your vehicle. The oxygen sensor can imply issues…

Fremont, CA – Review: Auto AC Condenser / Compressor Replacement Services

No one knows the value of air conditioning in the car like the people of California. If your AC condenser or compressor isn’t working as well as it used to, call Fremont Foreign Auto to get a replacement service scheduled. We will get your AC running in top shape and you back on the road. Your car’s AC system has several components, each of which can fail…

Milpitas, CA – Brake Rotor Replacement Services at Fremont Auto Repair Shop

When you need brake rotor replacement, trust the experienced technicians at Fremont Foreign Auto to treat your car like it was their own. Your brakes are the car’s first defense system for preventing accidents. A fully functioning brake system is crucial to ensuring the safety of yourself and others on the road. Brake pads get a lot of attention. After al…

Fremont, CA – Honda Civic Issues: Fuel Pump Failure | Auto Repair Shop News

Your Honda is your pride - and you want to look after it as best you can. In Fremont, CA,  nationally ASE-certified mechanics are ready to diagnose and repair any level of fuel pump failure. Whether you drive a Honda Pilot or a hybrid Accord, your fuel pump can be salvaged if you experience one or more of the following symptoms: If you notice your engin…

Fremont, CA – Common Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Repair Issues: Window Regulators

It’s incredibly frustrating to find out you have a bad window regulator in your Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, but Fremont Foreign Auto has everything you need to fix the problem. If your power windows aren’t working, you may have a bad window regulator. In most cases, the repair for a window regulator failure in your Mercedes-Benz is relatively simple—remove the …

Newark, CA – Honda Accord Repair Issues: Faulty Ignition Switch | Auto News

Starting your car should be simple, but it might not be so simple if your Honda Accord has a faulty ignition switch. Turning the key starts a complicated process that leads to your engine running. Without a properly working ignition switch—one of your car’s most vital pieces—your car won’t run. When you turn the key, your ignition switch activates the veh…

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