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Fremont, CA – Brake Repair & Replacement Services for Jeep Grand Cherokees

How Brakes Work Brakes slow your car by dynamically forcing brake pads to the brake rotors. This creates friction to slow your Grand Cherokee. Brake Rotors Brake Rotors are round and thin components secured to each wheel. Most rotors are built of cast iron. There are other choices for different applications but cast iron can absorb and emit large am…

Milpitas, CA – Auto Mechanics Specialize in Brake Repair for Cadillac Escalades

How Brakes Work Brakes decelerate your car by forcing brake pads against brake rotors. The interaction between these parts creates friction to slow your Escalade. Brake Rotors Brake Rotors are plate-shaped parts bolted to each wheel. Rotors are usually made of cast iron for this material's ability to absorb and emit large amounts of heat. Rotors are…

Union City, CA – Most Common Auto Repair Services on BMW N52 Engined Cars

BMW N52 Commonly Repaired Items The BMW N52 engine is a successful engine installed in the E90, E92, and E60 chassis between the 2004 and 2015 model years. Even though BMW enthusiasts favor this engine, it has had a few reliability problems over the years. Here are those we have experienced in our shop. You may have heard of HPFP (high-pressure fuel pump)…

Newark, CA – Overview of Chevrolet Silverado Brake Repair & Replacement Services

How Long Do Chevrolet Silverado Brake Rotors And Pads Last? This depends on the sort of pads and rotors you have and how you drive. Mostly highway driving with light loads could get you 80,000 miles on a set of brakes. Those who carry heavy loads or pull a trailer may need brake service at 30,000 miles. Semi-metallic brake pads usually extend the service…

Fremont, CA – Need Your Honda Pilots Brakes Repaired? Visit Our Local Auto Shop

How Brakes Work Brakes slow your car by transforming your car’s energy of motion to heat energy. The process begins when you step on the brake pedal and finishes as brake pads are forced against brake rotors. The pads and rotors are designed to create friction heat and eliminate it efficiently. Brake Rotors Brake Rotors are the plate-shaped componen…

Newark, CA – Dead Car Battery? Visit Our Auto Repair Shop for Expert Servicing

Here are some important details every motorist should know about a car battery: The Car's Power Storage A car battery stores electrical power needed for obvious reasons, such as starting the car, and not so obvious, such as keeping the computer powered. Inside the battery is a strong sulfuric acid solution and alternating lead plates to create a chemic…

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