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Newark, CA – Subaru Crosstrek Common Problems Fixed at Our Auto Repair Shop

SYNOPSIS: As a leading auto repair shop serving Newark, CA, Fremont Foreign Auto educates Subaru Crosstrek owners on how to identify and fix common problems to save money and avoid breakdowns.

How We Fix Common Subaru Crosstrek Issues

BY: Eduardo Porta, Fremont Foreign Auto

Owning a Subaru Crosstrek provides freedom to explore off-road adventures. However, as with any vehicle, wear and tear can lead to frustrating and costly breakdowns. Preventative maintenance is key, but it also helps to educate yourself on common Crosstrek problems.

As a leading auto repair shop serving Newark, CA, Fremont Foreign Auto sees these issues often. We want to empower Crosstrek owners with the knowledge to catch small problems before they become major repairs. Consider this your guide to understanding and preventing some of the most frequent problems we fix in later model Crosstreks.

Oil Leaks Threaten Engine Health

Subaru engines require constant oil flow for cooling and lubrication. So when the 2013-2017 Crosstrek’s valve cover gaskets leak, it can quickly escalate into overheating and sludge buildup. Replacing deteriorated gaskets early prevents thousands in repairs down the road. But how do you know if yours are leaking?

Signs include oil drips under the car, low oil levels between changes, or smelly oil burning off the engine. Another clue is a milky contaminant in the oil caused by coolant mixing into the crankcase past a damaged head gasket. If you notice leaks early, the fix may be a quick gasket replacement. But if sludge has damaged internals, you could need an engine overhaul. Ask yourself: Have I checked my oil level and condition regularly? Do I spot fluid leaks after parking? Understanding leak signs helps avoid extensive engine repairs.

Harsh Shifts Signal Transmission Trouble

The Crosstrek’s Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) provides smooth acceleration – when working properly. But high heat and wear degrade the CVT belt over 60-100k miles. Eventual slippage causes abrupt downshifts, especially under acceleration. Drivers may also hear whining, smell burning fluid, or lose power completely as the transmission fails.

Rebuilding or replacing a failed CVT can cost thousands in parts and labor. And further damage to other drivetrain components can occur if the transmission is driven while severely malfunctioning. Instead, catching early signs of trouble provides the chance to service the transmission or install a transmission cooler to prolong the lifespan. Have you noticed any unusual transmission sounds or sensations lately? Identifying issues quickly reduces the risk of a breakdown.

Head Gaskets Prone to Failure

The Crosstrek’s boxer engine design allows equal distribution of power. But unfortunately, the configuration also overstresses the head gaskets. As the seal degrades, coolant and oil mix together past the leaking gasket. The result is overheating, oil burning, engine damage and thousands in repairs.

Watch for disappearing coolant, white exhaust smoke, and contamination in the oil. While mostly an issue in 2013-2015 models, any Crosstrek is at risk. Driving gently while warming up, maintaining proper coolant levels, and checking for leaks may help gaskets last their expected lifespan of 100-150k miles. Could your head gaskets show early warning signs? Careful monitoring gives the best chance to catch small leaks before catastrophe.

Listen for Wheel Bearing Warning Sounds

The Crosstrek’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive adds stability but also strains components like wheel bearings. These small parts allow the wheels to spin freely while absorbing road impacts and steering forces. But inevitably bearings wear out, indicated by rumbling or grinding noises when turning and accelerating.

Neglecting bad bearings risks catastrophic failure, potentially causing the wheel to seize or detach at speed. That’s why listening closely for early bearing noise is critical before hitting the trails. Replacing bearings at the first signs of wear maintains safety. And choosing quality parts optimizes longevity. Do you hear any unusual hums or growls when cornering lately? Catching worn bearings early is vital to safe AWD performance.

AC Issues Leave You Sweltering

Few things limit adventure more than a broken AC on hot summer days. And Crosstreks often suffer two expensive problems: leaks and compressor failure. Refrigerant leaks occur slowly at first, causing intermittent cooling loss. But eventually the system loses all pressure and blows only warm air. Compressors also fail gradually, signaled by rattling sounds and reduced cooling ability before seizing completely.

Drivers can help prevent issues by running the AC regularly to circulate oil inside the compressor. Annual inspections also catch small leaks early before the repair bill skyrockets. Have you noticed any AC performance decline or strange noises lately? Don’t take working AC for granted in your Crosstrek.

Converter Failures Bring Costly Repairs

The catalytic converter plays a vital emissions reduction role while allowing exhaust gases to exit smoothly. But failure is common after 100k-150k miles due to factors like oil burning, fuel contamination, and installation flaws. Warning signs include reduced performance, poor fuel economy, and Check Engine lights signaling inefficient combustion.

Ignoring converter problems risks failed emissions tests and extensive engine wear from backpressure and overheating. Drivers should immediately diagnose Check Engine lights and strange exhaust noises that likely indicate converter breakdown. Have you noticed any exhaust changes or engine issues in your Crosstrek lately? Staying vigilant protects your converter, emissions system, and engine.

Worn Suspension Parts Affect Handling

Potholes and spirited driving eventually degrade suspension components like struts. Their job is managing wheel alignment and absorbing impacts for a smooth, controlled ride. When worn out, handling suffers from bouncing, nose-diving under braking, and uneven tire wear as alignment goes out of spec.

Have you noticed any ride quality or tire wear changes lately? Your Crosstrek’s suspension may need some TLC.

As you can see, staying educated on common Crosstrek problems better equips you to make good maintenance decisions. But when you do need repairs, the experienced technicians at Fremont Foreign Auto provide trustworthy, affordable solutions. We offer free inspections plus fair pricing on labor and parts. Most importantly, we treat you like family while getting your Crosstrek back on the road safely. What questions do you have about maintaining your Subaru? Or what issues have you faced that we didn’t cover? We’re always here to help with expert insight!

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“Best Auto Repair Shop in Fremont, CA”

Top Rated Local Automotive Repair Company / Garage / Mechanics

East Bay Area: Fremont, Milpitas, Newark, Union City, Sunol, CA

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Newark, CA – Subaru Crosstrek Common Problems Fixed at Our Auto Repair Shop