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Newark, CA – Our Auto Repair Shop Discusses Common Nissan Altima Problems

SYNOPSIS: As a trusted auto repair shop, Fremont Foreign Auto provides in-depth explanations of the top 7 Nissan Altima problems owners face, offering solutions to help keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Fremont Foreign Auto: Common Nissan Altima Issues

BY: Eduardo Porta, Fremont Foreign Auto

As a leading auto repair shop serving Newark, CA, the team at Fremont Foreign Auto has seen our fair share of Nissan Altimas come through our doors over the years. While these popular sedans provide drivers with reliability and comfort, certain Altima models are prone to some frustratingly common issues.

Our expert technicians have diagnosed and resolved just about every problem imaginable on Altimas of all model years. We’re going to break down the top 7 problems we frequently encounter on these vehicles and provide some guidance on steps to take when these issues arise.

Overheating Due to Faulty Thermostats

A very common complaint on Nissan Altimas, particularly 1995-2010 and 2016 models, is persistent overheating. Upon inspection, we often discover the root cause to be a faulty thermostat that has become stuck shut. This prevents coolant from circulating properly, leading engine temperatures to spike upward.

If you notice your temperature gauge creeping higher than normal, shut the vehicle off immediately to avoid catastrophic engine damage. Have the thermostat tested and replaced if necessary. Catching this issue early is critical.

Oil Leaks Causing Poor Performance

On Altima models ranging from 1993-2015, we regularly see oil leaking from the valve cover gasket or rear main seal into areas like the crankshaft position sensor. This can initiate stalling, hesitation, and check engine lights.

Regular oil leak checks allow early detection and repair, preventing oil from contaminating key engine sensors. Resealing oil leak sources and replacing damaged sensors helps restore smooth performance.

Premature Front Strut Wear

The front struts on certain Altimas tend to wear out faster than expected, brought on by grueling conditions like potholes and speed bumps. This manifests in loud knocking noises when driving over uneven pavement.

Maintaining proper tire pressure and getting struts inspected around 60k miles can maximize longevity. If worn, new struts realign wheels for smooth riding.

Vacuum Leaks Causing Misfires

Around 150,000 miles, many Altimas exhibit symptoms like rough idle, misfires under acceleration, and check engine lights. The culprit is often a vacuum leak in the intake manifold gasket.

This gasket sits between engine and intake and commonly cracks with age, allowing air leaks that disrupt air-fuel ratios. Replacing this gasket and idle air control valve helps mitigate misfires.

Failed Engine Mounts

In models ranging from 1998-2017, the right engine mount bears the brunt of torque strains, often failing prematurely. Warning signs include visible cracking, intense vibrations, and excessive engine movement under acceleration.

Replacing worn engine mounts restores stability, preventing damage to other components. We recommend inspecting mounts around 100k miles.

CVT Transmission Troubles

A notable weak point for 2007+ Altimas involves the continuously variable transmission (CVT). Owners report delayed throttle response, unusual vibrations, complete failure while driving, and other symptoms stemming from CVT breakdown.

Gentle driving helps prolong the lifespan of CVT transmissions. But irregular behavior merits a diagnostic scan. Rebuilding or replacing faulty CVT components gets Altima owners back on the road.

Crankshaft Position Sensor Failures

On various Altima model years, we’ve replaced countless crankshaft position sensors (CKP) and camshaft position sensors due to failure causing stalling. Some years were recalled, so check for outstanding ones. These sensors play integral roles in engine timing and performance. So check engine lights, stalling, hard starts point to likely CKP/CMP issues.

With intricate knowledge of common Nissan Altima problems and how to effectively remedy them, Fremont Foreign Auto empowers drivers in Newark, CA and surrounding cities to feel confident in the health of their vehicles. If any of these issues feel familiar, turn to our ASE-certified technicians for reliable solutions tailored to your Altima. With vigilant maintenance and expert repairs when needed, your sedan will continue delivering years of smooth reliable daily transportation.

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“Best Auto Repair Shop in Fremont, CA”

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East Bay Area: Fremont, Milpitas, Newark, Union City, Sunol, CA

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Newark, CA – Our Auto Repair Shop Discusses Common Nissan Altima Problems