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Gilbert, AZ – Searching for a Tactical Gun Range for Handgun Training Classes?

Local experts teach handgun safety and tactics Learning the ins and outs of your firearm, becoming comfortable while shooting and staying up to date on best practices for safety are all important parts of being a proficient and safe marksman. Whether you just purchased or are looking to purchase your first handgun, or you are a veteran gun owner looking…

Scottsdale, AZ – Take Self-Defense Firearm Basics Class at Our Gun Range

Military and law enforcement veteran instructors If you have made the choice or are considering making the choice to purchase a firearm for personal protection then having a great working knowledge of firearm safety and use is critical. Learning the basics of your firearm not only increases your chances of successful self defense, it also keeps your loved o…

Scottsdale, AZ – Gun Review: Kimber 45ACP Handgun | Tactical Shooting Range News

Learn if Kimber’s 1911-style pistol is right for you Kimber is a well-established producer of firearms right here in the USA. They have an extensive catalog of guns including pistols, revolvers and rifles, and their reputation for making a quality firearm is well-known in the gun owner community. Kimber’s .45 auto offerings are expensive and well regarde…

Tempe, AZ – Gun Review: Beretta 9MM 92 Handgun | Tactical Shooting Range News

Time-tested design meets useful features in the 92 The Beretta 92 is a classic for a reason. Its time-tested design and proven track record of success in the field for police officers and military members make it one of the most popular 9mm handguns on the market today, for professional and personal use alike. We have put the latest edition of Beretta’s…

Tempe, AZ – Overview of Our Rifle Training Classes at C2 Tactical Gun Range

Arizona’s premier shooting and training range Whether you have been shooting for years or have just started getting into firearms, getting the proper training in the use and safety features of the guns you plan to shoot is always a good idea, and can be a great experience for anyone involved. Going solo, bringing a date or having a whole group get togeth…

Scottsdale, AZ – Benefits of Joining Our Concealed Carry Gun / Shooting Classes

If you are looking to obtain a concealed carry license in Arizona, it’s important to understand the process of applying for the license, how concealed carry works and, most important of all, how to carry safely and protect yourself and your loved ones. There are legal requirements necessary to obtain a license and without assistance from a professional, i…

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