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Gilbert, AZ – Overview: Non-Firearm Training Programs / Less-Lethal Classes

Despite being an indoor gun range, one of our goals at C2 Tactical is to provide everyone with the means, skills, and knowledge to be able to adequately defend themselves should the situation arise. And sometimes people want to be able to do this in a less lethal way than carrying a firearm. That’s why we offer non-firearm and less lethal training program…

Mesa AZ – We Offer Concealed Carry Shooting Classes at Our Tempe Based Gun Range

With the threat of gun violence and other self-defense needs on the rise these days, more and more of our customers are wanting to become concealed carry weapon certified. While we are unable to officially certify anyone with a CCW permit, at our indoor gun range we offer 3 high quality classes that will not only get you ready to submit your application to t…

Mesa, AZ – Searching for Family & Youth Gun Training Classes in Maricopa County?

Our indoor gun range is all about fostering community and family. But that can be hard to do without your immediate family being able to share in your passion for shooting. Since there is an age restriction on range shooting, we have decided to offer family & youth gun training classes at our range, to help bring the whole family together. These classes a…

Scottsdale AZ – Stop by the Taser Voyager Truck Event at C2 Tactical Gun Range

Here at C2 Tactical we are all about bringing new experiences and events to our gun range for our community to enjoy. Whether that’s exclusive deals and sales, or events that highlight our partner companies, we are always on the lookout for fun events to put on. This month we will be debuting the Taser Voyager truck at our gun range. The Voyager truck has…

Tempe AZ – Black Wednesday: Storewide Sales & Specials | Gun Shooting Range News

We know it’s gone fast, but we are already in the home stretch of the year 2023. November is upon us and that means Thanksgiving and Black Friday are coming up quick! Everyone knows Black Friday is the day with the best deals on products all year. But why does it only have to be one day long? That’s why we’ve decided to host Black Wednesday this year. Bla…

Tempe, AZ – SALE: Bulk Firearm Ammunition – In-Store Only | Gun Range News

One of the best things our customers love about C2 Tactical is the number of sales, deals, and exclusive offers we have to offer. This November, you’ll find one of our biggest deals yet with our sale on bulk fire ammunition purchases. This sale is in-store only, and to make it easy on your schedule, it’s going through the entirety of the month of November.…

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