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Tempe, AZ – Gun Review: Springfield 9MM XD9 Pistol | Local Shooting Range News

Tempe-Based Gun Range Offers a Wide Selection The handgun market can be a complex place to shop in today, with a seemingly endless number of different brands touting firearms for personal defense, as carry weapons or for police/military service. Ultimately, the right gun for you fits within your price range, has the ideal features for your purpose and will…

Tempe, AZ – Join Our Concealed Carry Gun Classes at Our Tactical Shooting Range

Gun Range Offers Carry Classes For All Skill Levels People who carry firearms daily play a crucial role in their own personal safety, the protection of their families and in many cases can help the community at large when violent crimes could occur. Carrying is an important right, and should be exercised only by people who are properly trained and have a co…

Chandler, AZ – Check Out Our Membership Packages at Our Tactical Gun Range

Local Gun Range Offers Annual Membership Packages If you love shooting as a hobby, want to become a refined and accurate marksman, enjoy spending time with friends and family on the range or just want to be able to enjoy range time any time, then we have the perfect membership package for your needs. Our facility houses the area’s finest gun ranges, incl…

Gilbert, AZ – Review: Smith & Wesson Magnum Model 60 Pistol at Our Gun Range

Local Pros Test and Review the S&W Model 60 People searching for the ideal carry pistol have a multitude of options to consider when selecting the right gun for their style, needs and budget. We all have certain preferences when it comes to our handguns, and you should pick the one which suits your lifestyle the best. In an effort to help with the search…

Scottsdale, AZ – Military & First Responders: Free Gun Range Time in September

Tactical Gun Range Offers Free Range Time We are appreciative of our local heroes who sacrifice or have sacrificed part of their lives to give us the freedoms we enjoy, protect our communities and uphold the values of our nation. Without these heroes, we would not be part of the greatest country in the world, and we salute you every day of the year. As a…

Scottsdale, AZ – Overview of Indoor Rifle Training Classes | Gun Range News

Tactical Gun Range Offers Rifle Shooting Courses Shooting a rifle with precision is a skill which requires a great deal of practice, patience and the right training. Rifles require a different level of expertise and pack a bigger punch than handguns, and as such they should be treated with care and operated by people who are confident in their operation.…

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