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Chandler, AZ – Reviewing the LWRC 9MM M6 Auto Rifle | Gun / Shooting Range News

The Land Warfare Resources Corporation M6 Auto Rifle definitely has its pros and cons. They are recognized as an industry leader in short-stroke, piston-operated AR rifles and with a review of the M6 Auto Rifle that doesn’t come as a surprise. The M6 os the most basic model that LWRC offers of AR rifles, but that doesn’t necessarily come as a disadvantage wh…

Chandler, AZ – Shooting Simulation Packages Available at C2 Tactical Gun Range

We’ve all played those arcade games with the hefty mock rifles that go about shooting at zombies. Now imagine if you could have the experience in surround sound at the best indoor shooting range in Arizona. Well, now you can because C2 Tactical is offering shooting simulation packages that are now available! Our shooting simulation package is only $60 per…

Scottsdale, AZ – Reviewing the Glock 45ACP 30 GEN3 Pistol | Gun Range News

The Glock 30 Gen3 gained almost immediate popularity within law enforcement agencies and firearm enthusiasts around the world. With it’s considerable stopping power of .45 ammo packed into a concealable frame, this news shouldn’t be super surprising. It’s a concealable pistol with a big bang and a trustworthy side arm that balances power and compactness easi…

Scottsdale, AZ – Benefits of Joining Our Ladies Only Gun Shooting Classes

Mondays are Ladies Only Shooting nights at C2 Tactical! In addition to absolutely FREE RANGE TIME all day on Monday for women, we also offer ladies only shooting classes throughout the week meant to advance both offensive and defensive skills around the firearms. Ladies shooting is one of the most important classes that we offer at C2 Tactical. We underst…

Gilbert, AZ – Concealed Carry Class Basics Overview | Gun / Shooting Range News

Concealed Carry (CCW) classes are one of our most popular offerings at C2 Tactical. It prepares students for the CCW lifestyle including the legal knowledge and basic practicalities that is required for certification. Like all of our classes, these are somewhat customizable to meet your needs and skill level or knowledge. Anyone who want to learn about CCW a…

Gilbert, AZ – Beginner Shooters Welcomed at Our Tactical Gun Range in Phoenix

One of the great things about shooting is that it can be done by almost anyone! Any age, any skill level, any person who wants to learn is able to learn. One of the best things about C2 Tactical is that we welcome shooters of all levels and all ages, including beginners! There is no ability barrier in our gun range because everyone has something to learn, no…

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