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Pasadena, CA – Employee Insurance Benefits Provider Offers 401K Services

A 401(k) plan is a popular retirement savings plan employers can offer their employees. Employees contribute part of their salary to a tax-advantage account, which is invested in various assets. Employers can match a portion of employee contributions, making 401(k) plans an attractive benefit for workers. What are the Types of 401(k)s? Traditional 401(…

Pasadena, CA – Overview: Long-Term Care Insurance for Fire Department Employees

Your fire department keeps citizens and communities safe not only by fighting fires, but also by providing all-hazard emergency services. Fire department employees are rigorously trained to handle all types of emergencies and disasters on the front line. They are exposed to smoke, chemicals, and other unhealthy elements that can cause chronic health co…

Long Beach, CA – Searching for a Cancer Insurance Employee Benefit Provider?

Employee Retention Benefits is proud to offer cancer insurance that goes beyond what a traditional medical insurance policy offers. It helps dramatically decrease the out-of-pocket costs cancer sufferers would face without this form of supplemental insurance. Employers who offer cancer insurance as part of their benefits package also enjoy higher employee…

Long Beach, CA – Benefits of Offering Employee Workers Compensation Insurance

Employee Retention Benefits is an industry leader in workers’ compensation insurance. Our experts are well-versed in the often-complex reporting requirements, to ensure employees receive the benefits they are due. While also ensuring employers remain compliant with all state regulations. Worker compensation insurance is designed to give employees the inco…

Pasadena, CA – Employee Providers Offer 401K Benefits for Police Officers

Employee Retention Benefits is proud to offer police officers access to the best 401(k)programs on the West Coast. These employer-sponsored programs represent one of the safest and most secure ways to save for retirement. A strategically managed 401(k) maximizes the return on an officer’s tax-deferred contributions. It also sends a clear message that your…

Pasadena, CA – Long-Term Care Insurance for LA County Fire Department Employees

LA County firefighters face serious risks on the job and are at higher risk of needing long-term care as they age. By offering access to long-term care insurance the LA County Fire Department not only ensures they have access to affordable care and rehabilitation services should they need it. It also helps with employee retention by giving firefighters the s…

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