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Long Beach, CA – Benefits Providers Reviews Long-Term Care Employee Insurance

Long-term care involves the assistance an individual may require when they are unable to perform the 'activities of daily living', otherwise known as ADLs, on their own. ADLs can include bathing, dressing, feeding oneself, bathroom functions, and walking. An individual may need assistance with ADLs in the event of a broken hip or another debilitating inju…

Los Angeles, CA – We Offer Employee Insurance Benefits for School Districts

Employees of school districts shape the future of our children and, consequently, our nation. A recent survey by the National Center for Education Statistics indicates that only 36 percent of teachers in the United States believe society values their profession. Offering employee insurance benefits for teachers in school districts is fundamental to showing …

San Bernardino, CA – Benefits of a Whole Life Employee Insurance Plan / Policy

Whole Life Employee Insurance is an insurance plan guaranteed to remain in place for the insuree's lifetime. It also includes a death benefit, payable to beneficiaries of the insuree's choice when the insuree dies. It is worth considering that the premiums of Whole Life Employee Insurance Plans are generally higher than those of term life insurance. Th…

Pasadena, CA – Comparing Long-Term vs. Short-Term Disability Insurance Plans

The term 'Disability' covers a broad spectrum of conditions, but many employers overlook the need for Long-Term or Short-Term Disability Coverage for their team. Disability Insurance is interchangeably referred to as Disability Income Insurance because it serves to replace a portion of an employee's income should they become unable to work due to severe i…

Riverside CA -We Offer Medical, Dental, & Vision Plans | Employee Insurance News

Benefits plans are vital to attracting and retaining quality employees. The vast majority of job-searchers strongly consider the availability of medical, dental, or vision plans when deciding whether or not to accept a position. A company that offers all three has a distinct advantage over the competition. The Coronavirus pandemic has solidified, for many…

Long Beach, CA – Searching for Long-Term Care Insurance Brokers in LA County?

Long-term care insurance covers services not offered in traditional Medicare or Medicaid packages. The programs pay benefits falling under the banner of 'custodial care'. If one cannot perform the "activities of daily living", also known as ADLs, long-term care insurance can help. ADLs can encompass bathing, dressing, feeding oneself, bathroom functions, …

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