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Los Angeles, CA – Service Overview: Acupuncture Employee Insurance Benefits

SYNOPSIS: As a leading Los Angeles employee benefits provider, we break down how acupuncture services are structured, conditions treated, insurance coverage nuances and more. Check it out below.

Acupuncture Benefits for Los Angeles Teams

BY: Eric Sanchez, Employee Retention Benefits

Managing headaches. Soothing menstrual cramps. Reducing arthritis flares. Quieting digestive distress. Relaxing carpal tunnel strains. For millions nationally, acupuncture serves as a viable pathway bringing natural relief to such chronic health complaints using ultra-thin needles gently tapping specific body points.

And as employee benefits providers assisting LA companies, we’ve seen surging interest around incorporating acupuncture coverage to augment traditional medical plans. Forward-thinking employers recognize the mind-body healing benefits acupuncture provides stressed-out teams seeking drug-free pain moderation.

How Acupuncture Treatment Works

Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture utilizes hair-thin needles stimulating designated pressure points on the body to relieve various pains while also treating underlying dysfunction and disease. Through signals sent to the brain, natural painkilling endorphins release as blood flow increases to compromised areas.

Typical sessions involve patients lying comfortably on tables wearing loose clothing with only limbs and torso areas exposed where needles get inserted. Most patients feel minimal to no discomfort as needles painlessly tap certain points on the body for upwards of 30 minutes before gentle removal. The process prompts generalized relaxation while targeting root health issues.

Licensed Acupuncturists – What to Look For

With acupuncture’s growth in the U.S. over recent decades, proper licensure and credentials verification is key to quality care. Legitimate acupuncturists complete 3-4 years of graduate-level training at minimum covering anatomy, needle insertion depths, safety protocols, clinical experience and exam preparations.

Beyond a master’s degree in acupuncture or Oriental medicine, national board certification from the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) is mandatory for licensure. State licenses also require passing comprehensive written and practical exams testing competencies. Verify licenses are active and disciplinary records are clear before engaging any practitioner.

Health Conditions Improved by Acupuncture

What specific ailments might acupuncture address? Alongside pain relief, the World Health Organization recognizes Acupuncture effectively treating dozens of common health problems including:

  • Lower back, neck, knee, shoulder and other muscular-skeletal pain
  • Tension/migraine headaches
  • Insomnia and other sleep disruptions
  • Gastrointestinal complaints (nausea, vomiting, IBS)
  • Repetitive strain injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis)
  • Menstrual cramps and menopausal hot flashes
  • Stress, anxiety and mild depression
  • Addiction recovery and smoking cessation efforts
  • Allergies and asthma

For chronic sufferers of the above, acupuncture often succeeds where other medical or drug-centric methods fall short—all without side effects when performed properly.

How Do Acupuncture Plans Get Structured?

Reflecting growing clinical acceptance, more health insurance carriers now offer acupuncture benefits given FDA backing of acupuncture needles as medical devices.

Both major medical carriers and supplemental workplace insurance policies now help offset acupuncture costs at varying levels, typically ranging from 6 to 12 visits annually up to $500 or $1000 in annual maximum benefits. Typical copays run $20-40 per session depending on total coverage limits set.

Some insurers mandate referrals from primary doctors before authorizing coverage. Others allow self-referring to network acupuncturists saving administrative hassles. Knowing requirements ahead of time avoids payment surprises later so verify plan details when comparing options.

Why Evaluate Workplace Acupuncture Benefits?

With usage climbing nationally, offering acupuncture benefits allows employees experiencing nagging health flare-ups access potential relief through alternative medicine means not requiring pharmaceuticals.

Savvy Los Angeles employers also realize long-term advantages curbing prescription usage – the leading driver behind most premium hikes today. That’s why LA companies rely on us to customize benefits supporting wellness at the lowest costs. Understanding where acupuncture offerings fit is key within this equation.

From big picture perspectives, supporting productive workplace morale and sustainable budgeting models makes preventative options like acupuncture smart investments that conscious leaders now prioritize. Let us demystify right-sized offerings complementing your health plans today and tomorrow.

“Best Employee Benefits Insurance Company in Pasadena, CA”

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“Best Employee Benefits Insurance Company in Pasadena, CA”

Top Rated Local Employee Benefits Provider / Firm / Consultants / Specialists

Los Angeles County: Pasadena, Los Angeles, Riverside, Long Beach, San Bernardino, CA

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Los Angeles, CA – Service Overview: Acupuncture Employee Insurance Benefits