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How Can Rain Damage My Home’s Foundation? | BARRIER Waterproofing Systems TN

Wet shoes, slippery roads, and the cancellation of outdoor activities are just a few reasons people dread rain. There is yet another reason (and would you believe it?) that rain can bring homeowners in particular some grief: structural damage. While the average quantity of rain is typically not a problem, torrential downpours combined with inadequate drainag…

How Do Waterproofing Membranes Act As Moisture Barriers? | BARRIER Waterproofing

A house is more than simply a place to live; it also represents the people living inside. The feelings and experiences a family creates make a house a home. Not only are walls, ceilings, and floors constructed, but also a space where one feels secure, at ease, and joyful in every aspect. Although flawless aesthetics are generally given primary attention…

Commercial Properties Need Foundation Protection, Too! | BARRIER Waterproofing

Despite residential properties getting most of the public attention regarding foundation services, all commercial properties need foundation protection just as much! One of the most crucial elements of any building structure is the foundation. The foundation may be one of a property's least noticeable components, but it is the most essential for providing a…

Does A Finished Basement Count Towards My Square Footage? | BARRIER of TN

This is the story of two basements in two otherwise identical houses. The first is a completed basement with a den, bedroom, and full bathroom. You may find sheetrock, an uncovered toilet, and a painted floor in the second basement. The basement and number of bedrooms, including the one in the basement space, are reflected in the first house's overall squ…

Will My Damaged Foundation Need To Be Replaced? | BARRIER Waterproofing TN

When homeowners see a crack or other sign of damage in their foundation, their first reaction is typically to get it replaced. While the damage is ugly, the reasoning is often that it could signal the root of further issues, such as basement leaks. However, it would help if you didn't move quickly. Ideally, however, a complete foundation replacement should o…

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