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Racine, WI – Executive Consultant Offers Strategic Planning Services for CEOs

As a FocalPoint business coach, I’ve served as a trusted thought partner to visionary founders and fast-rising CEOs across southeastern Wisconsin for over a decade. While many leaders possess raw ambition, creativity, and passion to transform their industry, few have systematic processes in place to catalyze strategic thinking or align around priorities.…

Racine, WI – Benefits of Hiring an Executive Consultant as a Senior Manager

As a Racine-based FocalPoint coach specializing in senior manager consulting, I often serve as an ongoing advisor for growth-focused companies lacking experienced directors. By providing unbiased strategic guidance, I help these agile teams punch above their weight class and actualize full potential faster. Broad Perspective That Catalyzes Exponential Imp…

Milwaukee, WI – Overview of Consulting Services for Local C-Suite Executives

Many thriving Milwaukee corporations and enterprises hit plateaus and seek outside perspective to spark their next phase of growth. As an objective expert coach, I help leadership teams identify barriers limiting their potential impact. Whether an organization wants to expand into new markets, resolve inner dysfunction, or sharpen their competitive edge,…

Milwaukee, WI – FAQs About Executive Coaching & Consulting Services for CFOs

As a FocalPoint coach, I make it my personal mission to help Milwaukee's top financial executives tackle their biggest leadership challenges and bring out the full potential in their teams. Over years of partnering with local CFOs and controllers, I've fielded numerous thoughtful questions around how external coaching can optimize their impact. There's no…

Milwaukee WI – Leadership Training from an Executive Business Coach for Managers

Local Business Expert Offers Leadership Training Whether a person is brand new to a management role or has been overseeing other people for years, improvements in leadership can make them a better manager. In so many cases, companies throw high performing employees into management roles, but don’t equip them with the tools they need to succeed. Instead, h…

Racine, WI – Common CEO Problems Solved by a Certified Executive Business Coach

Experienced Coach Offers Insight for Executives As the CEO of a large company, it might feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders at times. Executives of companies of any size must deal with complex problems on a regular basis, and finding sustained success can be difficult. Some common issues often plague CEOs, and when you are at the top of…

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BIO: Kerrie Hoffman works with exceptional executives to apply new digital ways of working, so they thrive at the accelerated pace of 21st Century business. Kerrie is a #1 Bestselling Business Author and CEO of Hoffman Digital, an ecosystem of companies “Igniting the Human Experience at Work”. This includes Certified Business Coach at FocalPoint Business Coaching & Principal at Get Digital Velocity.