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Muscle Shoals, AL – Does the Type of Home Impact Your Pest Control Needs?

The age of your home is one of several factors that impact pest control needs. Older homes may be more susceptible to pests due to the construction materials, deterioration, and age. Homes built using shingles or wood farming, for example, often see more problems with termites, while homes with foundation damage may be more susceptible to cockroaches and rod…

Muscle Shoals, AL – Key Places You Should Look for Termite Damage – Pest News

Without proper extermination procedures, termites can cause massive damage to your home, furniture, patio, and other wooden structures in weeks. Termites are small but mighty pests capable of flawlessly playing hide and go seek: until you take a stand and beat them at their own game. Termites love dark spaces, but where do they hide around a house?…

Tuscumbia, AL – Watch For These Early Signs of Bed Bugs – Pest Control News

Bed bugs are the ultimate nightmare for homeowners. They're pesky and stubborn and can make your skin crawl with their itchy bites. Not to mention, getting rid of them can be a daunting and challenging task. But the good news is that catching them quickly can save you from a full-blown infestation. So, what are the early signs of bed bugs to look out for?…

Tuscumbia, AL Pest Control Expert Shares Tips to Eliminate Mosquitoes After Rain

Mosquitoes somehow become an even bigger nuisance than usual after it rains. While it might seem the pest enjoys the rain, or perhaps the after-rain scent filling the air; that’s incorrect. Mosquitoes actually find attractive the puddles left behind by rainfall. It’s a necessary part of the breeding process for the female mosquito, which, by the way, is the…

Tuscumbia, AL Pest Control Expert Shares The Dangers of Ticks – Pest News

As temperatures begin to rise in Alabama, it’s time to think about the numerous pests that will soon lurk about, including ticks. This annoying pest is active year-round, although it is most active during the months of June - August. Ticks do much more than annoy us; they carry deadly diseases that can be transmitted through their bites. The tick populati…

Tuscumbia, AL Pest Control Expert – When is Termite Season in Alabama?

Subterranean and Drywood termites both call Alabama home and each has a different season when they come out to torment homeowners. That means homeowners must act diligently several months of the year so termites do not eat their home from the inside out. Termite Season in Alabama The spring season is the time of year when termites come out and cause…

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