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Sheffield, AL – Local Pest Control Expert Shares Some Common Fall Pests

Mosquitoes are the deadliest insect around! They come out during the summer, ready to suck the blood of unsuspecting victim after victim. Many of us fear going outside during the summer due to the pest. While we feel immense relief when the temperatures cool down and mosquitoes die off, do not think the worry of pests at your home is over. Many people mistak…

Sheffield, AL – Pest Control Expert Shares – How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Silverfish are very common pests in Sheffield and worldwide. The tiny bug comes inside homes, mainly searching for food and places to lay its eggs. It prefers starchy items and can wreak havoc on items like boxes, paper, books, and various household materials. The insect is gray in color and is covered in fish-like scales. A silverfish measures about 1” i…

Sheffield, AL – Mosquitoes Attracted to Light? Mosquito Control Expert Answers

Just about all of us have heard that mosquitoes are attracted to light. We’re told to keep lights out or dimly lit while outside to keep the annoying pests away from us as the citronella candles burn brightly. But, is it true that mosquitoes are attracted to light or is this merely one of many misconceptions the general public has about mosquitoes?   Myt…

Sheffield, AL – Common Crawl Space Bugs and How to Prevent Them – Pest Control

Whether or not you see or hear pests living in the crawl space, they certainly could be there. Pests crawl inside the crawlspace because it's damp, dark, and out of the way of humans. Cute animals like squirrels and chipmunks can crawl inside the crawl space, and over-destructive rodents like mice and termites. Any of these insects or rodents can chew their …

Sheffield, AL – Bed Bug Expert Shares Signs of Bed Bugs – Pest Control News

Bed bugs show no mercy as they relentlessly bite unsuspecting victims while they sleep, all for a taste of blood. When victims awake and discover the itchy, swollen welts on their body, the bed bug is long gone and out of sight. Many people find themselves clueless as to the cause of the bite but suspicious that it is indeed bed bugs. Aside from those painfu…

Muscle Shoals, AL Pest Control Professional Answers Question: Do Moths Bite?

Moths are in the same family as butterflies. The insect is pretty genius, to say the least. It’s one of the most important pollinators in the world, producing pollen on every single flower it lands on. Moths can evenimpersonate other insects, such as tarantulas-when they sense danger. This helps the moth amazingly escape from potential harm unscathed.  U…

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