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Muscle Shoals, AL – Pest Control Expert: How to Keep Pests Out of Your Apartment

BY: Lee Davis, Southern Pride Pest Control

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Apartment living has attractive amenities for singles, couples, and families alike. Lower rent costs, shorter commute times, more affordable maintenance, and easy access to spots like supermarkets and restaurants are among the amenities offered to those who call an apartment home.

Pests can make apartment living dreadful. While pests can make their presence known at any location, the risk increases at apartment complexes where units often sit close together and share walls and floors. It is more difficult to maintain a pest-free home living in an apartment but certainly not impossible.

Pests are sneaky creatures. They enter homes through small cracks and crevices in windows, doors, floors, and other areas, including ventilation slats. Potted plants can be an accessible source for pests, even when left outside on the patio. Once pests make their way to your apartment, getting rid of them can be a nightmare.

Bed bugs, cockroaches, wasps, and rodents threaten your apartment living, making it difficult to keep everyone in the home safe and happy. The following information comes to the rescue, enabling you the tips to keep your apartment free and clear of all pests.


Shop Secondhand Wisely

Secondhand items are lucrative to shoppers searching for good deals and attractive pricing on items such as clothing, furniture, and housewares. These items can be valuable to those on limited budgets and harbor pests like bed bugs. Carefully inspect any items purchased at a thrift store or secondhand before bringing it inside the home.


Check Packages

Likewise, your highly-anticipated Amazon package delivery can be a carrier for pests. Check packages before bringing them inside. Bugs don’t mind hitching a ride on cardboard and will travel long and far to get to your home. A quick look-over will help reduce the risk of a pest infestation.


Safe Travel

There is a risk of bringing pests back home via luggage and other items when traveling. Carefully inspect the bed and other items at a hotel before unpacking. Repeat the process once the trip is over and you’ve returned home. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry!


Pest-Proof Your Home

Pest-proofing the apartment helps deter pest infestations at the property. This helps keep your home safe and sanitary and reduces any potential friction with the neighbors. What steps can you take to pest-proof the apartment home?

  • Dispose of garbage in an outside receptacle regularly. Clean off the inside kitchen trash can, especially if spills occur.
  • Wipe down kitchen counters, tabletops, and other spaces to remove crumbs after cooking, preparing food, etc.
  • Sweep floors daily and vacuum at least once per week.
  • Keep pet bowls clean. Cat owners should clean up litter boxes regularly.
  • Store pantry items inside sealed containers.
  • Regularly inspect the apartment for signs of pests or infestations. Don’t be afraid to look in low places because pests will use almost any available entry point to make it inside the apartment.
  • Keep the home clean.
  • Repair leaky pipes and drips promptly. Moisture can lead to mold growth in the home and assorted pests.


Pest Control Service

Contact the apartment complex manager to learn if pest control service is covered under the lease terms. If so, they’ll inform you of the next steps to take to prevent and treat pest infestations.

Should pest control service not be part of your lease terms, give Southern Pride Pest Control a call for prompt service at a great price. We’ll help keep pests away from your apartment or treat any current infestations efficiently. Keeping your home pest-free is our guarantee!

Southern Pride Pest Control is a full-service pest control company headquartered in Muscle Shoals, AL. SPPC specializes in pest control and prevention services, including termite control, rodent control, bed bug control, ant control, and mosquito control, and can even help with moisture control around your residence or commercial property. Established in 2010, Southern Pride Pest Control is a reliable source of quality pest-management solutions delivered by a team you can trust. 

Call us today for any of your pest control needs. 

“Best Exterminator in Muscle Shoals, AL”

Top Rated Local Pest Control Specialist/Contractor

Colbert County: Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, Tuscumbia, Florence, Russellville, AL


“Best Exterminator in Muscle Shoals, AL”

Top Rated Local Pest Control Specialist/Contractor

Colbert County: Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, Tuscumbia, Florence, Russellville, AL

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Muscle Shoals, AL – Pest Control Expert: How to Keep Pests Out of Your Apartment