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Florence, AL – Mosquito Control Expert Answers: What Attracts Mosquitoes?

BY: Lee Davis, Southern Pride Pest Control

What attracts mosquitoes

Have you ever felt like a mosquito magnet, attracting every one of these annoying insects to your home -and body- the second you walk out the door? You are not alone. Many people find themselves victims of relentless mosquito attacks with family and friends who barely seem to notice their presence. What gives?

Mosquitoes aren’t very picky about who provides them with a blood meal -they need human blood to reproduce- although they do prefer some types of body chemistry more than others. If mosquitoes don’t leave you alone, the following reasons likely cause them to find you more appealing than people.

You Perspire a Lot

Mosquitos love lactic acid, an organic acid produced in the skin in certain body areas when you sweat. Their sensor alerts them to lactic acid, which means they’ll head directly toward you if there’s extra sweat on your body.

Body Odor

Chemicals found on the skin really make a mosquito’s day better. It’s likely not the smell you want others to notice when you come around, but mosquitoes certainly appreciate the distinct body odor that you call your own. Research shows that mosquitoes are attracted to many chemical compounds -lactic acid, as discussed above, is one of them- which makes certain people more attractive to the pest.


Many people think it’s a joke when they hear that mosquitoes are attracted to certain colors more than others, but it’s certainly true. The color black is the favorite color of the mosquito. There’s little understanding of why mosquitoes choose black more than other colors, but the fact remains that it’s their color of choice.


Smelling nice comes at a cost during the summer in Alabama. Mosquitoes often enjoy scents found in perfume or cologne. Only you will know which bottle becomes it’s favorite. Avoid wearing scented products if you plan to spend any length of time outdoors -unless you’re ready for those mosquito bites.

Heat and Water Vapor

Our bodies produce heat. We have water vapor near our skin, varying levels based on the outside temperature. Mosquitoes detect heat and water vapor as it comes close to us. This factor can influence the mosquitoes’ decision to bite or not to bite.

Do Mosquitoes Prefer to Bite One Area of the Body?

Mosquitoes aren’t picky about the area of skin they bite but do have preferences for certain areas, just as they prefer certain body scents to others. The most preferred biting areas for the mosquito are the head and feet. These areas produce more sweat glands and are warmer than other body areas. Just what the mosquito ordered!

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

Mosquito bites usually leave a swollen, itchy bump on the skin. When multiple mosquitoes bite a person, the intensity of the itching can be quite dramatic. The bite swells and itches because of the saliva the mosquito inserts as it bites into the skin. This saliva enters the bloodstream, and the pest continues to suck. The immune system responds by causing the area to swell and itch.

Professional Mosquito Control Services

If you’re fed up with being the mosquito magnet, put away the DIY remedies that so often prove ineffective and give us a call. Our mosquito treatments keep mosquitoes away from your home to enjoy summer again without the worry of getting attacked when you walk out the door.

Southern Pride Pest Control is a full-service pest control company headquartered in Muscle Shoals, AL. SPPC specializes in pest control and prevention services, including termite control, rodent control, bed bug control, ant control, and mosquito control, and can even help with moisture control around your residence or commercial property. Established in 2010, Southern Pride Pest Control is a reliable source of quality pest-management solutions delivered by a team you can trust. 

Call us today for any of your pest control needs. 

“Best Exterminator in Muscle Shoals, AL”

Top Rated Local Pest Control Specialist/Contractor

Colbert County: Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, Tuscumbia, Florence, Russellville, AL


“Best Exterminator in Muscle Shoals, AL”

Top Rated Local Pest Control Specialist/Contractor

Colbert County: Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, Tuscumbia, Florence, Russellville, AL

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Florence, AL – Mosquito Control Expert Answers: What Attracts Mosquitoes?