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by: James Walters

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Houston, TX – Is digital marketing right for everyone?

Houston digital marketingWhen you talk about your clients, do you have all you need? A company can fit a certain amount of clients in and feel that they don’t want more.

I know that in 2020 we say things like, “just do some pay-per-click ads and you will be fine.” But do your potential clients click on those?

There is no magic formula for marking. Marketing takes time, effort, and energy.

What about the Radio?

The real estate company we are working with is wanting to reach people who are 55 and older.

Though we found that most people 55 and older had smartphones, they were accustomed to use other methods to find companies versus the internet.

We found they might call somebody from a radio commercial before they look up a company on Google.

If we want to attract that demographic then we better figure out how to get on the radio.

Radio seems expensive, what about Billboards?

I’m not sure if I’ve ever gone to a business or called a phone number because of a billboard. I mean ever.

I see Billboards all the time but the message doesn’t stick and they don’t register in my brain. More importantly they do not in any way keep my attention.

But billboards work depending on who your target audience is.

What about a fancy phone number?

Companies spend tons of money to get a really good vanity number. A vanity number is a number that’s easy to remember such as 1-800-I-like-feet if you’re a podiatrist. They are easy to remember.

I tend to Google search things like, “podiatrist near me” and then click a phone number on the site, the vanity part of the number doesn’t make a difference to me. Sometimes it’s hard to find out the letters on your phone because the app that you use to make phone calls doesn’t always include the letters.

So a vanity number is useful if you need people to remember the number. Radio and billboards can use vanity numbers very well.

Wrapping it up

All that to say, know your Market. Know who you’re trying to reach and keep in mind they might not be on the internet. Billboards or the radio might be the way to go. Branch out and advertise where your target audience is and not necessarily where you are.

Houston, TX – How to increase your websites Domain Authority (DA) part 3

Backlinks show the importance of your siteThis article picks up on how to increase your sites Domain Authority (DA).

DA isn’t a guaranteed way to get traffic but it helps you know if your site is moving in the right direction.

We focused on getting good content on your site and then how to write good articles people want to read.

Now we move on to your backlink strategy.

Backlinks tell Google that your site has value.

If you write a great site but no one knows it exists, does your site matter? The search engines are actually people so the algorithms use different methods than a human would to determine the validity of a site.

We call this system as your backlinks. How many other websites link to your website?

If you imagine websites are people, and a bunch of people are talking about you and giving your information out, then most people would think that there is something to your site and they better check it out.

You want the most backlinks you can possible get from credible sources. If you told a bum about your product so he advertised it on the side of the street at the bottom of their cardboard sign that isn’t nearly as powerful as a celebrity telling everyone about your product.

That might oversimplify it but you get the idea.

So take everything you learned from the previous article about writing a great article but now find other sites that allow “guest posts” and ask them to post it but make sure the 1 external link is to your site so you can get the credit for it.

Paying for Backlinks

This is not a bad practice but I recommend you never pay more than $50 for a backlink and that you base it on an article you submitted to be posted. Don’t hire oversees people to write for you since they might know your language but they don’t speak your language in “every day street talk.”

So to wrap it, shoot to get at least 1 new backlink from a credible source every month. The search engines will see this and your DA will go up.

Houston, TX – How to increase your websites Domain Authority (DA) part 2

Article writing and your sites domain authorityThis article picks up on how to increase your sites Domain Authority (DA).

DA isn’t a guaranteed way to get traffic but it helps you know if

Now that you have the main content of your site done lets focus on how to write good articles.

Article Writing: Rules of Thumb

  1. Word Length – Shoot for at least 1,000 words per article
  2. Content – Most people write to promote their business but you should focus instead on how to educate and inform your audience.
  3. Listicals – This is a made up word used in this industry. People tend to read articles that start with “15 ways to…..” or “Top 10 reasons for….”
  4. Paragraph Length – If you notice my paragraphs tend to be about 2 sentences long. This isn’t a standard essay where we were taught to shoot for at least 5 sentences per paragraph.
  5. Images – Use images in your text to help illustrate the point you are making. On top of that, make sure each image has proper ALT text since Google reads those as well.
  6. Links – If you are going to look to a different site then keep it to 1 external link but like to at least 2 other pages on your website. This helps your users get more information if they want it.
  7. Conclusions – Put a conclusion to the article. Give it a solid tweetable quote to end it.

That seems like a lot for most people but I suggest you use Google Docs to voice type your article. One you have done that and reached a 1,300 words or so which is easy to speak then go back and trim it up so its a great article.

So there you go.

A great article people want to read that meats all of Google’s requirements and we didn’t even focus on Google.

At the bottom of the page you can include a couple articles with related content in case your user wants to keep reading for more info.

Houston, TX – How to increase your websites Domain Authority (DA) part 1

Click and Create Digital Marketing Houston TXDoes the DA of your site matter?

With the changing algorithms can anything really be used to tell if your site is a good one?

Yes…and no.

DA stands for Domain Authority which is not a guarantee that your site is getting traffic. Or that your company is getting leads.

A website can have a high DA but not be worth anything. So why do we care.

Here is my perspective on domain authority.

I like numbers. I like having something that tells me if my site is moving in the right direction.

On my site I started the year with a DA of 1. Pretty much you have a website. That is all.

Who you focus on matters

I started to refine every page on the site and make sure every page had content that was useful to someone viewing the site.

Ultimately, I want Google to find my site but a lot of times that means people are marketing to Google and not to users. Google wants people to create content that matters to users. They are ever-changing their way of showing sites so that the sites with the best content show first.

So stop worrying about Google and worry about the users instead.

This doesn’t guarantee anything but if you do this your site DA will go up.

Now, that being said you still need to keep Google in mind but what I am saying is Google shouldn’t be first in importance.

Now that you focused your content on your users go back into each page and set things up properly.

  • Title Tags – Each page needs proper title tags so search engines know what is on the page. This is a 1 line summary of your page.
  • Keywords – Learn to weave your keywords into your content. Use it sparingly and part of the flow of the sentence.
  • Descriptions – This isn’t something Google cares about but when a user does a search they will see this description under the link to your site. So make it a grabbing statement.
  • Content Length – I would say at a minimum there should be no less than 300 words per page but I would shoot for 1,000 words instead. The user is on your page so why should they click a million times to get more content. Fill up your pages and make them valuable.

There are a million things you can do but learning how to make pages work well is the very beginning.

Houston, TX – Geotargeting the country when you are in the city

Digitial marketing with Click and CreateA client of ours named Camp Lantern Creek offers girls summer camps and has its office in the city of Houston but the actual camp is near Montgomery, TX.

This creates a marketing dilema.

Here are some of the ideas we have covered:

  1. A Local Office
  2. Proper Keywords
  3. Pay Pay Click Advertising

Here are some additional ideas.

4 – Not all marketing is digital

A lot of people want to “set it and forget it.” I know I prefer that but when it comes to your business you must hustle.

In this case if what is being offered is an all girls summer camp then start to reach out to schools and churches. Call them. Send them an email. Visit them in person.

In today’s world a lot of people get tired of everything being digital so when you show up and just turn in a brochure or make yourself know it can be a refreshing way to be advertised towards.

5 – Reviews, reviews, reviews

In today’s world, a review is marketing gold. Reach out to all clients and ask them for reviews. Most people don’t leave reviews when they have a good time but only when its a bad time.

Learn to use the reviews. Even a bad review can be super positive if you handle the response well and in public.

In this case reply to the review. If you need to apologize, then do it. The customer isn’t always right but handling them well is always right. You may have earned a client for life if you can handle a bad review well and make things right. This is marketing platinum at its finest.

I’m not saying you should go out and try to get bad reviews on purpose so you can answer them but use them well if you do get them. Most people trust 1 bad review before they trust 10 positive reviews. Weird but it’s human nature.

Houston, TX – A Marketing Circle of Trust part 2

This articles picks up where you left off in the last article about the marketing circle of trust.

Let’s jump right in.

3 – Social Media

This is big of course. People expect you are using social media. Many people do Facebook searches before they do Google searches. Weird eh?

Well a lot of us saw that coming.

You don’t have to be on every social site especially the ones that spring up overnight.

The big ones are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Love them, hate ’em, use ’em.

I don’t like posting on pretty much any of those or anything else for that matter but its makes a difference to other people who search for me.

From your audiences perspective, social media shows you are a real person with a real life who does real things.

4 – Google My Business

If anyone Google’s your name they will hopefully find you but they will also see a map on the first page search results. This make includes a small call out to your business.

This is a free service from Google that they hope you use in order to fill up their maps. Of course they charge for higher placement but still, your company can show up for free.

5 – Reviews

There are numerous ways to do reviews these days. Most are public so use them all.

Facebook does reviews.

Google My Business  does review.

LinkedIn calls reviews recommendations.

Yelp does reviews though they aren’t used as much anymore but they still have a large amount of traffic.

Reviews are a way for your clients to publicly say you are great….or you are terrible. That part is up to you.

Here is quick tip:

A bad review can turn into a really good thing if you learn how to use your bad review in your favor. If someone went to the extent to leave the bad review then answer the review in a calm and collected way in the same review platform. That way it lets other people know that your business isn’t perfect but if an issue arises, they can be assured that you are going to handle it with professionalism and courtesy.

I’ll pick up this series in the next post.


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