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Pleasanton, CA – Massage Therapist Offers Fully Body Scrub Massage Services

At some point, we all feel overworked and in need of a reset. Whether you’re under a lot of stress at work, have a burdensome event on the horizon or have just been going non-stop for too long, taking time to care for yourself is important to avoid burnout and stay sharp physically and mentally. If you can relate to the scenarios above and feel it’s time…

Hayward CA – Massage Techniques Used for Trauma Aftercare | Massage Therapy News

After experiencing a traumatic event, it can be hard to go about your daily activities and feel like yourself again. Many people search for ways to find relief after a traumatic event, and for a lot of victims of trauma, massage therapy can help them in multiple ways. I am a massage therapist located in the East Bay and I offer a full catalog of services…

Castro Valley, CA – Massage Therapist Discusses the Shiatsu Massage Process

The principles which are used in a Shiatsu massage have been in practice for centuries, and they are proven to help people feel relief from pain, regain energy and reach a deep state of relaxation. If you have never experienced a Shiatsu massage, consulting with a qualified and experienced therapist can help determine if this technique could be beneficial fo…

Castro Valley, CA – FAQs About Sports Massage Services for Local Athletes

Many top athletes trust massage therapy to give them an edge when they’re competing, and whether you’re seeking to join the professional ranks or you’re a weekend warrior looking to have fun, a sports massage can be beneficial for your game and your health. As a certified and experienced massage therapist working in the East Bay, I am passionate about hel…

Castro Valley, CA – Service Overview: Prenatal Massage Therapy for Pregnant Moms

To say pregnancy is a stressful time for soon-to-be mothers is a vast understatement. Between your ever-changing body, the constant doctor’s appointments and the anxiety of bringing a new life into the world, it can take a toll on pregnant women who should be relaxing and preparing for motherhood. While there always seem to be things to do and purchase an…

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