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Castro Valley, CA – Searching for a Massage Therapist for Back Pain Relief?

Local Expert Offers Massage Therapy for Back Pain The back is one of the most stressed and complex parts of the body. Because of the complexity of the region and how much weight it carries, it’s no wonder back pain is so prevalent in people from all walks of life. While it might be tempting to search for temporary pain relief through medication or seek m…

Castro Valley, CA – Therapist Discusses Types of Massages for Fibromyalgia

Local Massage Expert Offers Fibromyalgia Treatment Living with fibromyalgia presents a difficult challenge. This unique ailment has no known cause or cure, and if diagnosed a person can experience chronic pain, depression, difficulty sleeping and other difficult symptoms. Even though fibromyalgia can’t be cured, there are proven ways to alleviate the pai…

San Leandro, CA -Benefits of Geriatric Massage Therapy for Seniors / the Elderly

Customized Massage for Elderly People Available As people age, new and different pain can affect the body and mind. Elderly people experience unique challenges both physically and mentally, and finding them the right care can have a great impact on their lives. In many cases, massage therapy can be the perfect solution to help older people improve physica…

San Leandro, CA – Overview: Postpartum Massage Therapy from Certified Therapist

Postpartum Massage Available in the East Bay A new mother’s life completely changes after she welcomes her new baby into the world. Between the lack of sleep, constant stress of parenting and stresses of everyday life, there is often no time to think about your own needs as a new mom. In order to best care for your family, you must also care for yourself,…

Castro Valley, CA – FAQs About Sports Massage Therapy for Local Athletes

Sports Massage Therapy Available in the East Bay Many top athletes representing different sports make massage therapy part of their self care and training regimen. Since sports massage is trusted by many professionals, athletes at all levels have begun to research to determine if professional massage therapy can help them perform their best as well. I…

Castro Valley, CA – Prenatal Massage Services Available from Certified Therapist

Bay Area Expert Offers Prenatal Massage Care Many soon-to-be mothers are constantly focused on getting ready for the arrival of their new baby. Between preparing the house, buying all the items needed for the baby and dealing with day to day issues, many moms forget to care for the most important thing for their babies: themselves. A great way to ensu…

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