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Oakland, CA – Benefits of Joint Custody Services from a Certified Family Lawyer

Local Joint Custody Services Available in Oakland Making a joint custody situation work can be stressful and difficult for everyone involved, but it also provides the best situation for the children in situations where their parents are divorced, separated or otherwise not together. By allowing both parents to remain active in a child’s life, spend time wit…

San Leandro, CA – Local Family Lawyer Discusses FAQs About Annulment Services

Annulment Services Available in San Leandro Annulments are an often-misunderstood concept from a legal perspective, but there are cases in which they should be used and can help protect vulnerable people. An annulment can be complex, so it’s important to understand the theory behind an annulment and the legal requirements for annulment in your state. Our…

Hayward, CA – Family Lawyer Discusses Some Common Contested Divorce Issues

Local Attorney Provides Divorce Issue Insight In an ideal situation, when a couple decides to divorce they are able to come to terms on important issues and file an uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorces are cheaper, quicker and less stressful, but they are extremely rare, especially when large assets and/or kids are involved. When a divorce is contested…

San Leandro, CA – Marital Separation Agreement Process from a Family Lawyer

Legal Separation Available in San Leandro Legal marital separation is an alternative to divorce which makes sense for many people and has distinct advantages for certain couples. Many people assume divorce is the only choice in their situation, but separation is a viable option which accomplishes many of the same goals. Our family law practice has helped…

San Leandro, CA – The Role of a Family Lawyer in Gender / Name Change Services

The process of changing your name or gender legally can be daunting. It is a highly personal process that requires compassionate professionals to help make the process smoother. That’s where family lawyers like me come in. As an expert in the field of family law, I am uniquely qualified to support and provide guidance to individuals seeking to legally change…

Hayward, CA – Family Lawyer Discusses Options for Spousal Support Services

During the process of a divorce, one of the most important decisions to be made is determining the appropriate level of support for a spouse. As a family lawyer, I provide attorney spousal support services to assist couples in understanding their options. Here I will discuss the various options available to couples when making decisions about spousal support…

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