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Houston, TX – What To Do If Your Vehicle Doesn’t Pass A Safety Inspection

It takes time away from your busy schedule to have a safety inspection performed in your vehicle. That’s why it can be frustrating if you don’t pass the inspection. This means a trip to your local auto mechanic first and then back to the safety inspection facility for another test. If your vehicle doesn’t pass an inspection the first time, don’t throw in the…

Houston, TX – The Importance of Getting Regular Tire Maintenance and Services

Tire rotation is the process of changing all 4 tires around on a vehicle. It is essential to rotate tires to keep up with car maintenance. Regular tire rotations and maintenance will improve the lifespan and safety of a vehicle. Keep in mind the many benefits of regular tire maintenance and make it a priority. Increase Gas Mileage Rotating tires regularly…

Houston, TX – Car Repair Technicians Answer: Why Is My Battery Light On?

A battery light may not be considered as important as a check engine light, but it shouldn’t be ignored if you have a battery light on in your car. A battery light indicates something is wrong with an automobile’s power. It essentially means your travel time is limited before the car no longer has power. If your battery light is on, it could be for several r…

Houston, TX – Your Brakes and Preventative Maintenance: A Top Priority

Automobile brakes are an important part of what makes a car function. Because they play such a vital role, preventative maintenance is important. Keep this advice in mind when considering preventative maintenance from an auto mechanic in your area. Flushing Brake Fluid Car brakes must be maintained appropriately over time. If they aren’t, water can build…

Houston, TX – The First Things You Need to Do When Your Car Won’t Start

Starting your day with a car that won’t start can be a very frustrating experience. While it probably doesn’t happen very often, when it does, it may mean it’s time for vehicle maintenance. Here are some common problems that could be the cause of a car that isn’t starting up right away. No Sound or Noise When you insert the key and turn the ignition to s…

Houston, TX – Why change your car motor oil? | 77018 | Auto Repair Mechanic

Liberty Garage in Houston, TX is an auto repair and mechanic shop where regular oil changes are highly recommended in order to keep your car functioning to the best of its ability. Changing your car’s motor oil also helps keep you safe. When you take your car to Liberty Garage for an oil change, you can be sure the highly skilled and trained team of mechanic…

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