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Houston, TX – How to Maximize Retrofit LED Lights and Kits in a Commercial Space

In today’s society of conservation, LED lights have become a popular, energy-efficient choice. Not only are LED lights energy efficient, but they also require less maintenance and provide a better quality of lighting. Making the upgrade to LED lights doesn’t have to break the bank. Consider retrofitting LED lights and kits to improve lighting in any facility…

Houston, TX – LED Channel Light Letters to Promote Your Company with Style

LED channel letters are three-dimensional lettering for signage that extrude from the wall and light up. Each letter is made of heavy-duty material such as metal or plastic, and the depth of the letter can depend upon each individual sign. This type of lettering is great for drawing attention to businesses. But like any other lighting, lights will burn out a…

Houston, TX – Industrial LED Lighting for Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Lighting needs for industrial and manufacturing environments are robust and require innovative solutions. LED industrial lighting from US LED provides many advantages that will meet the specifics of industrial lighting. From cost efficiency to energy savings, improved illuminations, and increased safety measures, industrial LED lighting maximizes lighting so…

Houston, TX – Best Options for Water-Resistant LED Applications, Indoors & Out

Springtime may bring with it lots of rain showers, but this is hardly something electricians or contractors look forward to, especially when installing LED lighting. Like most lighting, LEDs and water are not a good combination.  Exposure to water and moisture can lead to dangers like electrical shock, or it can cause shorts and rising in electrical LED l…

Houston, TX – How To Use LED Lighting to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

There are many tricks of the trade to help make rooms appear larger than they are.  One of these tricks involves using light. The way light is used in a space can make it appear larger than it is. Keep these tips in mind when adding lighting options to a smaller area. Track Lighting Track lights don’t take up a lot of space in a room but still provide s…

Houston, TX – Benefits of Switching to LED Commercial and Industrial Lighting

Many people are making the switch from outdated light bulbs to LED lighting in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces across the globe. US LED is a supplier of commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions and offers installation and customizable support for the needs of any space. There are many benefits of switching to LED commercial and industr…

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