In many commercial facilities, lights are used far more than in residential applications. Where a bedroom light might only be turned on for a few hours per day maximum, a light in a commercial building may get 10-12 working hours of more. In some commercial applications, lights are used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning they need to be the most efficient, long-lasting, and ideal lights possible.

Many healthcare clinics, hospitals, and medical facilities rely on LED lights to reduce energy costs, optimize their patients’ comfort, and improve the overall experience and safety for staff members, patients, and visitors.


When you’re powering thousands of lights non-stop, energy-efficiency is a top priority. LED lights can last up to 100,000 hours (some can last double that!) and can reduce energy costs by up to 70%. When you account for the reduced cost of lighting a healthcare facility and the lack of needing to change light bulbs constantly, the savings are extraordinary.

Comfort and Safety

Hospitals need bright lights in order to do procedures, run tests, and ensure patient safety. But at the same time, patients don’t always want bright lights shining in their faces. Hospitals, in particular, typically have several lighting options in each room, allowing for a variety of different brightness levels for the comfort and convenience of both patients and staff.

US LED Is the Leader in Healthcare LED Lighting

If you run, own, or manage a healthcare facility of any kind and are looking to upgrade your lighting, you need the expertise and experience of US LED. We are a leader in healthcare lighting and can make suggestions and offer advice to maximize your savings, as well as increase the comfort and safety of the staff and patients in your facility. To learn more about our commercial LED lighting and the products we have that can help your business, contact US LED today.