The global climate is certainly unique right now. Things are happening each and every day that have never happened before, and we are all learning how to adapt and change to the constantly shifting environment we’re living in.

As a provider of commercial LED lighting, we are considered an essential business and have remained open during these trying times. Although about 80% of our staff is working remotely, our warehouse is open and we are continuing to receive orders and ship products to our customers.

We continue to withhold the high standards and industry regulations that set us apart from our competitors, while also integrating the most sanitary and safe practices to keep all of our employees and customers as healthy as possible.

If you’re at a crossroads in your business, know that you have our support. We are grateful to be considered an essential business so that we can not only maintain our employees and continue to thrive as a company, but also so that we continue to serve our customers and meet their needs with excellence.

We have the same capabilities as we normally do to fill your order, so be sure to contact us with any needs you have for commercial LED lighting. Indoor lights, outdoor lights, LED tubes, refrigeration and display lights, sign cabinet lighting, channel letter solutions, and signage accessories are all still available. We can still serve those in various industries, including auto dealerships, convenience stores, educational facilities, hospitality venues, industrial and manufacturing facilities, offices and corporate locations, retail and grocery stores, and warehouses. If you own a facility that isn’t currently open, now is a great time to update your commercial LED lighting and transform your entire building.

To learn more about our services and lighting products, contact US LED for all your commercial LED lighting needs.