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Houston, TX – The Top 3 Reasons to Use LED Recessed Lighting in Your Home

When it comes to enhancing your home, lighting plays a vital role. In recent years, LED recessed lighting has become more and more popular for many reasons, including versatility, energy efficiency, and comfort and appeal. Let's will look at three reasons why incorporating LED recessed lighting in your home is a good idea. Energy Efficiency and Cost One of…

Houston, TX – Installing LED Lights in Office Facilities Has Many Benefits

If it is time to consider new lighting for the office space, LED should be at the top of the list. With LED lighting, there are many incredible benefits, such as cost savings, increased safety, and a comfortable work environment. For these reasons, many offices are making the switch to LED lighting in the workplace. Save on Lighting Costs One of the top re…

Houston, TX – How to Utilize LED Pole Lights for Lighting Outdoor Spaces

LED lights are a more energy-efficient option than their metal halide counterparts. These pole lights can be used for a variety of purposes in outdoor spaces, such as providing excellent street lighting or lighting up parks, parking lots, sidewalks, or other outdoor spaces. US LED lighting fixtures offer superior performance to increase visibility and safety…

Houston, TX – Professionals Weigh in on Creating an LED Lighting Layout

A well lit space always begins with a plan. Whether illuminating a factory, warehouse, garage, offices, or any other large space, creating a lighting layout first will ensure that lighting is installed in all the right places. An LED lighting layout not only takes into consideration where to place lights, but it also takes into account what types of LED ligh…

Houston, TX – Everything You Need to Know About Warehouse LED Lighting

Properly lighting a warehouse is a big undertaking that can be costly upfront, yet is a necessary process for safety and efficiency. In order to increase productivity and maintain safety standards, proper lighting solutions are required. Warehouse spaces typically have few windows or other sources of light, high ceilings, shelving units, and other important…

Houston, TX – How LED Lighting Can Improve Unique Hot Mill Environments

Hot mill factories such as those that produce steel, glass, paper, or other manufacturing factories experience extreme temperature fluctuation. This temperature fluctuation can pose a lighting problem. While quality lighting is needed, the high temperatures required to manufacture certain products can make hot mill environments difficult to outfit properly w…

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