US LED supplies and installs LED lighting in Houston, Texas for all your commercial and industrial light system needs. Recently, US LED helped local Houston station KTRK-TV ABC13 replace their older, traditional light system with an LED lighting system to help improve lighting throughout their facility while helping them save money and energy in an ecofriendly way.

Reducing Annual Energy Costs

LED lighting solutions offer a greater level of illumination while reducing energy costs and utility bills because LED lighting uses significantly less energy than traditional, older lights. US LED offers specialized lighting solutions for any commercial or industrial space to help reduce operating costs with LED lights that come with a significantly longer lifetime and five- to ten-year warranties on most LED products are common. LED lighting solutions are energy efficient because they emit significantly less heat, which can also positively impact other operating costs such as air conditioning.

Eliminating Ongoing Maintenance

Many commercial and industrial spaces depend on their maintenance team for more than just lighting. Replacing traditional light sources with LED lights can allow your maintenance team to spend less time focusing on servicing outdated lights and constantly needing to replace parts and respond to overheating. Instead, with LED lighting from US LED, maintenance can focus on other important responsibilities because LED lights require little to no ongoing maintenance. US LED offers installation and warranties that will give you peace of mind.

Experiencing Longer Lifetimes

US LED’s lighting solutions have a substantially longer lifetime than traditional lighting solutions, which can have a great impact on not only reducing your carbon footprint but also encouraging a higher return on investment. LED technologies allow for quality illumination in spaces with reduced heat, little to no maintenance, and eco-friendly lighting solutions with ultra-long lifetime guarantees. LED lighting in commercial and industrial spaces can significantly reduce utility bills and lighting maintenance costs while brightening the space with quality, dependable illumination.