US LED supplies LED lighting solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial spaces in Houston, TX. LED lighting provides bright, even illumination for retail spaces, convenience stores, car dealerships, warehouses, and more. US LED products include LED lighting solutions, LED signage, and other LED-related technology supports.

LED lighting for indoor commercial and industrial spaces are versatile, from more architectural lighting design solutions to recessed lights and flat panel options that best fit your specific space. Architectural lighting offers quality illumination in a more aesthetically pleasing environment, helpful for retail spaces looking to fit a certain design. On the other hand, LED strip lights or recessed lights help distribute even lighting and are more versatile for specific types. Refrigeration LED lighting can help highlight special products in your grocery or convenience store space while helping conserve energy.

Outdoor lighting options with US LED help to provide curb appeal, highlight your property, and also provide a safe, well-lit environment for customers, employees, and the community. Outdoor LED pole lights help provide consistent LED lighting across large spaces like parking lots, helping to avoid dark or dimly lit spaces. Wall-mounted LED lights and landscape lights can help feature your commercial space and call better attention to the space. Garage and canopy LED lighting in parking decks and garages also help to light up all the turns and corners.

US LED also provides lighting solutions for sign cabinets and channel letters that help advertise and promote your commercial and industrial spaces. Using LED lighting in sign cabinets means you can worry less about replacement parts and energy costs because LED lighting has significantly longer lifespans and is more energy-efficient than traditional lighting options. Help your customers spot your space from afar with LED channel letter lighting to brightly and clearly illuminate your name.