Sanitation and sterilization are on everyone’s mind right now as the coronavirus outbreak is still impacting just about every area of our daily lives. How can you keep your home, business, and vehicle safe and clean to minimize your exposure to the virus? One form of sterilization that many people don’t know about is light sterilization.

UV lights have long been known to decrease or even eradicate germs and bacteria from surfaces. But can they work with the coronavirus? Thankfully, the answer is yes. However, if you intend to utilize this form of sterilization, you need to ensure you do all your research and take proper precautions in doing so.

It’s important to note that while studies have proven successful in eradicating 99.9% of coronavirus bacteria in 30 seconds with UV LED lighting, more studies and more advanced equipment are needed before large scale applications can be utilized. Additionally, UV LED treatment for sterilization shouldn’t be done when people are present as it can cause harm, so it’s ideal to leave this type of sterilization up to the experts and scientists who are developing it.

How Does UV LED Lighting Work for Sterilization?

There are a few different forms of ultraviolet light. UV-C lights are the ones you want for sterilization purposes, and this form is different from black lights and sunlight, which are the other forms of ultraviolet light.

UV-C light is known to scramble the DNA of harmful pathogens, including fungi, bacteria, and even viruses. This type of light sterilization is used in hospitals, food storage facilities, laboratory settings, and in air and water purification in a variety of places.

As research continues and technological advances are made to utilize UV LED lights for coronavirus sterilization, US LED is staying ahead of industry competitors to ensure we do whatever we can to serve our clientele, keep our employees safe, and provide the best for everyone we work with.