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Attn: Mesa, AZ, Residents – Call for Water Extraction and Drying Out Services

Extraction and Drying Out Service

Faced with water damage at home? Seek professional water extraction and drying out services.

Water damage takes place due to many reasons. For instance, a flood, storm, sewage backup, etc. The damage that takes place depends on the type of wastewater you’re dealing with and how long it is allowed to stand in a particular space. Also, the same factors will determine what steps should be taken to address the damages.

Water damage can be divided into three main categories as defined by the Institute of International Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Despite the water damage you face, it is essential to call the professionals to clean up the mess.

Clean Water Damage

Clean water is generated from malfunctioning appliances, rainwater, melting snow, and toilet holding tanks. Since this type of water doesn’t pose an immediate health risk, it should be safe to clean it up yourself. But make sure you eliminate that water within 48 hours because clean water that’s allowed to stand beyond that timeframe may turn into grey water. However, to be on the safe side and ensure that all the water is dried up, seek a professional drying out service.Black Water Damage

Grey Water Damage

Also known as sullage, greywater is the type of wastewater that’s not contaminated with fecal matter. The source of greywater can be sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, bathtubs, and showers. It can be used for non-potable purposes, such as toilet flushing and typically contains fewer pathogens than blackwater. Yet, you can’t take it lightly because it does contain small amounts of contaminants that can trigger illnesses upon exposure.

Besides, greywater can damage your drywall, furniture, and carpeting.  Don’t allow children, pets, or those with compromised immune systems to get close to the flooded area. Like clean water, greywater can transform into the next category, that’s black water, if it is not eliminated within 48 hours. That’s why you should try to eliminate greywater as soon as possible, but make sure you wear protective gear, such as gloves, boots, etc., so that your skin is not affected.

If the situation is serious, rely on a professional water damage restoration company instead of cleaning yourself.

Black Water Damage

Black water is any water contaminated with toxins or pathogens such as human waste. It normally comes from sewage backups, leaking sewage pipes, containing used toilet paper and human waste, including feces and urine. Blackwater may also originate from kitchen sinks and dishwashers involving food waste.

Regardless of the source, blackwater is the most dangerous type of water that will most certainly cause illness to humans and pets as well as make furniture and other surfaces unsalvageable upon exposure. As soon as you suspect the presence of blackwater, call for professional water extraction and drying out services.

Call for Water Extraction and Drying Out Services

Now that you’re familiar with the different types of wastewater, stay cautious about water damage in different areas of your home. As soon as you detect any type of water damage, you should immediately approach a professional water damage restoration service. STOP can help you restore the damage. It services in Mesa, Gilbert, San Tan Valley, and Tempe, AZ.

For emergency cleanup, get in touch with STOP at your earliest.

Mesa, AZ – Common Dangers of Standing Flood Water in Residential Basements

Common Dangers

Do you have standing water in your basement? Get rid of it before it proves harmful for you and your family.

Basements are vulnerable to water damage. Hence, it is imperative that you address the problem of standing water as soon as possible. Furthermore, it doesn’t take long for standing water to become contaminated, and contaminated water gives rise to mold that can release airborne spores. These airborne spores are known to travel through the air, which means they’ll soon rise to the upper floors and affect the indoor air quality of your entire home.

Let’s take a deeper look at how standing water in basements can prove dangerous for you and your family:

Harmful Bacteria

Standing water is a breeding ground for the production of harmful bacteria. If it turns airborne, it can cause various infections. If the situation is not addressed quickly, you may continue to get sick for extended periods.mouse

Walls, wooden floorboards, and other organic matter that’s damp serve as food for mold and allow it to spread quickly. If your home lacks a firm foundation sealing, these airborne bugs will pollute all areas of your home in no time.

Mold Growth

It takes no more than 48 hours for standing water to trigger mold growth. The problem with mold is that it can contaminate everything that comes into contact with it, including air. Like other harmful bacteria, mold can pollute the indoor air quality that will rise to other parts of your home, putting you and your family under constant threat.

Different individuals react differently to mold. Health effects can range from minor allergic reactions to serious chronic illnesses. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), individuals with compromised immune systems and pre-existing health conditions exposed to any type of mold can suffer from health conditions, regardless of the extent of the contamination.

Dust Mites and Other Pests

Standing water in basements can also result in a pest infestation. Among the most common pests linked to flooded basements include dust mites. When they invade the space, you might experience a runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes. To get rid of these, you may want to invest in an AC unit during overly hot days or keep the humidity levels less than 50% in your home.

Other types of pests attracted by wet basements include mice, spiders, ants, cockroaches, and even snakes. If you don’t feel comfortable with these agents, you’ll want to get rid of standing water as soon as possible.

To avoid the above-discussed dangers, you’ll need to not only eliminate the standing water but also clean and disinfect the floors, walls, and other surfaces in your basement.

Since exposure to contaminated water and the possibility of mold and pests can make self-cleaning dangerous, seek your local water damage restoration service. STOP, which services in Mesa, Tempe, San Tan Valley and Gilbert, AZ, can ensure effective remediation for you.

For emergency moisture cleanup, contact the Service Team of Professionals today.

Mesa, AZ – Basement Mold Prevention Call for Professional Mold Remediation

Basement Mold

Is your basement suffering from mold infestation? Here’s what you can do!

Mold immediately grows in areas with excess moisture, warmth, and lack of sunlight, which makes your basement perfect to grow in. Basements usually stay humid and damp because of a lack of exposure to sunlight. Another leading cause of this dampness is leaky pipes and other plumbing issues. Moreover, the basement sucks in the moisture from the ground during rain and floods.

This prevalent humidity leads to mold formation in most basements. Mold is a serious issue, and it has several health impacts. It also damages your stored items and furniture in the basement. That’s why it’s important to eliminate it as soon as you identify its growth.

Identifying Mold

Preventing Mold

If you start observing small black spots in your basement, they are indicative of mold formation. However, black spots appear when the mold infestation has turned severe. It’s essential to be on your guard and identify it before it reaches that stage.

The first sign of mold is the musty smell in your basement. Since the basement is a closed space, you can easily identify any unusual smells. The general feeling o dampness is another indicator of mold infestation.

Mold usually grows in hidden and dark corners with high humidity. That’s why it can be challenging to detect it at first. You’ll have to check the hidden nooks and corners of your basement regularly. Look around vents, pipes, behind wallpapers, and under furniture.

The sooner you identify mold, the easier it will be to eliminate it. If the mold colonies have already grown to an unmanageable size, you must call professional mold remediation services to get rid of it for you.

Preventing Mold

If you’re proactive in taking measures, you can prevent your basement from getting infested with mold. Take a look at the following tips:

  • Regular cleaning: Clean and vacuum your basement regularly to eliminate any possible causes of mold growth. Consider running a HEPA filter in your basement to keep it dry and remove any mold growth. Make sure you clean and dry all the hidden corners and dark spots.
  • Reduce moisture: Check for any pipe leakage or water dripping in your basement. Get an efficient dehumidifier for your basement to free it from humidity. Vacuum clean your basement after water damage or heavy rain.
  • Declutter space: Make sure you do not store any unnecessary items in your basement. If you keep your basement cluttered, mold will have more places to grow on and infest. Get rid of things that you don’t need.
  • Make your basement waterproof:If possible, get your basement walls waterproofed. Regularly check and maintain your pipes and water tubes to prevent leakage.
  • Keep your gutters unclogged: By keeping your gutters clean and unclogged, you can prevent the seepage of rainwater into the basement.
  • Install exhaust fans: Exhaust fans will ensure that your basement stays dry, and any water leakage is dried out immediately.

For professional mold remediation services, visit our website today!

Mesa, AZ – Flooded Living Space Call for Professional Drying Out Services

Professional Drying Out Services

Are you facing flooding issues in your home? Here’s everything that you need to know and do!

Flooding is a serious issue, and the water damage can destroy your home and the items inside it if you are not proactive in dealing with it. As soon as you identify water damage, you must immediately call professional water drying out services to extract the water from your home.

If the water damage is manageable, then you can take a few steps to dry out the water yourself. You need to prioritize eliminating water within 48 hours to prevent mold formation and maximum damage to your goods.

Natural Air CirculationDrying Out Services

If the water level isn’t too high, open your windows, doors, and vents to allow the air to circulate. It will help lower the humidity as the damp air will travel outside, and dry air would circulate inside.

Mechanical Air Circulation

If your indoor space doesn’t allow for natural air circulation, you can rent a high-powered fan to circulate the air mechanically. The rental cost will depend on the size and power of the mechanical fan.

Run a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier can eliminate humidity and water vapors from an enclosed area, such as your basement. Close all the windows and doors to prevent any moisture coming in from the outside. Make sure you have a big enough humidifier to dry out your space by eliminating water.

Water Pumping

Get a sump pump to pump out water from your home. It’s a submersible pump that drains out the water through a pipe or a hose. A sump pump is highly effective in draining out the standing water with a depth of several inches. You can easily rent the sump pump for a day at a reasonable cost.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

Some vacuums can be used in wet conditions. They can dry out the water from carpets, rugs, and other household items. However, not all household vacuums are designed for this use. Make sure you only use the vacuum whose innards are water-protected.

Remove submerged Items

To make the drying out process more manageable, take out all the submerged items like carpets and furniture from inside your home. Let them dry under the sun to prevent the risk of mold infestation. Take out as many things as possible to make the indoor drying process quicker.

Freeze important wet items

If your books, photos, or any other important paper documents are wet, immediately place them in plastic bags and put them in the frost-free freezer. This will prevent any further deterioration. It will also stop the mold from spreading on them. Freezing your papers is an effective way to buy time until you sort everything else out. Once you have time, take out your documents and air dry each page.

Moisture absorbents

Moisture absorbents like clay, silica gel, and calcium oxide work like a sponge and absorb water vapors from the atmosphere. You can place them with wet items in containers so they can suck out the moisture. Some of these absorbents change color once they’ve reached their saturation limit. When you observe their color change, consider replacing them.

For professional drying out services, visit our website today!

Mesa, AZ – Smoke Odor After Fire Seek Fire Restoration in Maricopa County

Fire Seek Fire

Did you have a fire outbreak at home recently? Here’s why fire restoration is important to remove smoke odor!

Fires are one of the most destructive natural events that have seen a rise all over the world over the last decade or so. It can damage your home and property severely. Not only does the fire affect you with its flames, but its impact also lingers on even after it has been extinguished. When the fire is put out, your home doesn’t become safe immediately after. The fire leaves behind hazardous byproducts and smoke on your property which you need to deal with immediately.

Let’s learn more about the effects and what you can do about it!

The effects of smoke odorFire Smoke

When there’s a fire outbreak, the smoke particles get attached to the furniture, walls, and any porous surface. They often penetrate carpet, couches, and even paint. The smoke also brings hazardous odors with itself, and it’s not easy to rid of them right after a fire. The smoke odors can stay inside your home for an extended period and pollute the quality of your indoor air drastically.

Smoke odors are extremely dangerous for your health. If you don’t take immediate action to get rid of them, it can have a lasting impact on the health of the inhabitants. Smoke particles odors can’t be removed easily. We recommend seeking professional help from a fire restoration company. However, there are certain steps and measures that you can take to get rid of smoke odor from your home.

So let’s check them out!

Ventilation and airing out the property

The first major step in removing the smoke odors out of your home is to air out your property. Open all your doors and windows and let the air circulate.

Positive pressure

Sometimes natural air is not enough to air out the smoke odors from your home. This is more prominent in areas where the outside air pressure is much higher, and the indoor air can’t flow out. In that case, you should use positive pressure to force out the indoor smoke-ridden air out of your home. You can induce positive pressure by following these steps:

  • Close all the windows and doors on your property except the main entrance
  • Set up a high-power fan outside the entrance facing indoors
  • Turn on the fan to let it pressure the indoor air to get out

Clean everything on the property

You can’t get rid of smoke particles and odors without cleaning out the surfaces and objects inside your home. The objects include:

  • Fabric items
  • Doors and windows
  • Carpets and rugs
  • HVAC system
  • Furniture
  • Any solid surfaces

After you have aired out the house and cleaned out everything, make sure to repaint the house before you move back in.

Call a Fire Restoration Company!

If the fire outbreak was severe and has destroyed most of your home, you must seek professional help for restoration. Sometimes smoke particles get stuck to the surfaces and can’t be removed without proper equipment. A fire restoration company can assess the damage and restore your house back to safety.

For fire restoration services, call us at 844-500-4775 or visit our website today!

Mesa, AZ – Water Damaged Furniture Seek Professional Water Damage Restoration

Furniture Seek

Is water leakage destroying your furniture? Here’s what you need to do!

Furniture can be severely impacted by the buildup of moisture. The water can penetrate through your wooden and fabric items and make them soggy and weak. If you have flooding or leakage issues in your home, then your furniture is very likely to be prone to the following types of water damage: Damaged Furniture

Staining: When water penetrates through the surface of an object, it makes it damp and leaves small white spots on its surface. It can also decolorize it severely.

Deterioration: Once the water seeps through the surface, it can weaken the joints and fittings of your furniture. This can lead to the falling apart of your expensive items and shorten their lifespan.

Shrinking and cracking: Wood furniture often absorbs the water and expands. Once the water dries up, the wooden object shrinks and forms cracks.  

Mold infestation: Mold formation is another common result of water damage on your furniture. Wood and upholstery furniture is highly prone to mold infestation. The longer the moisture lingers inside your furniture, the quicker the mold will grow. Mold is highly hazardous, and can destroy your furniture beyond repair. It also spreads quickly and can infect your entire home.

Steps to take after water damage

When you witness a water leakage or flooding in your home, you need to take the following steps to minimize the damage caused to your furniture:

  • Look for the source of water leakage. If the water is coming from the sewage or as a result of flooding, you’ll have to immediately move the dry furniture out. The items that get in contact with the water may not be restorable.
  • Discard the furniture which is already submerged or has soaked in the water. Even if the water is clean, that furniture is highly prone to mold infestation, which can destroy your other items.
  • The furniture which hasn’t been impacted yet needs to be taken out immediately. To make it easier, remove all the drawers and panels from your furniture if possible.
  • Wash out your furniture with a hose to remove residue and mud.
  • Don’t dry your wooden furniture in the sun. It can lead to shrinking and cracking, Move the wooden objects in a sheltered area where they can air dry.
  • Watch out for mold growth on your wooden furniture. If you see the development of dark spots, scrub them out immediately.

Seek professional water damage restoration!

Water damage restoration begins with taking steps to minimize damage to your furniture. If the damage is severe and saving your furniture is your top priority, you need to consult a professional water damage restoration company. They can provide expert assistance in preventing and minimizing damage to your furniture and home. 

For water damage restoration services, call us at 844-500-4775 or visit our website today!


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BIO: Ed is a husband, father, and grandfather. Worked in the rugged embedded computing world for nearly 30 years before venturing into the emergency service world in 2014. We take the fear out of the problem whether it be water, mold, fire, or bio damage.