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Mesa, AZ – Meth Lab Explosion? Contact a Local Biohazard Cleanup Company

Biohazard Cleanup

Do you suspect that your home was used as a meth lab? Seek professional biohazard cleanup services at your earliest.

A Meth Lab is a big health and environmental hazard for communities. It’s an illegal space used to produce a dangerous stimulant drug in the US. Based on the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUK), around 1.6 million were reported to use methamphetamine in 2017 alone.

Hence, if you suspect that your own house was once used as a meth lab or a nearby location was  subject to a meth lab explosion, contact an experienced and reliable biohazard cleanup company.

Why Should You Consider Biohazard Cleanup?

While the drug itself can cause anxiety, violent behavior, insomnia, psychosis, etc., to those who consume it, the sites where this substance is produced represent a significant danger to people in the surrounding areas. The ‘cooks’ in these labs use hazardous substances, such as battery acid, antifreeze, and drain cleaner, to produce this drug, putting neighbors, visitors, and future occupants of the place under the serious danger of meth lab explosions.meth lab

Alarmingly, every pound of meth residue generates 5 to 7 pounds of chemical waste, which can continue to post health risks for years inside the space. The mere residue can lead to conditions, such as nausea, skin irritation, respiratory and breathing issues, dizziness, headaches, and more. Persistent exposure can even lead to liver, kidney, and neurological issues. People with compromised immune systems may even develop cancer. To eliminate the chances of such health risks, seek professional biohazard cleanup services.

STOP Offers Expert Biohazard Cleanup Services

We, at STOP Restoration of Mesa, are well-equipped to provide expert meth lab cleanup services. Whether your space is destroyed after a meth lab explosion, has been raided by the police or dismantled, the residue can linger. Following the guidelines and procedure recommendations issued by the EPA and OSHA, we maintain high standards of safety and security throughout the inspection and remediation process.  Also, we are fully certified to lawfully and safely conduct meth lab cleanups.

Our meth lab cleanup services include the following steps:

  • Step 1:Ventilating and Inspecting the space for any hazardous residue
  • Step 2:Using a special cleaning solution to rinse surfaces
  • Step 3:Eliminating residue from crawl spaces, attics, ductwork, and other affected areas
  • Step 4:Flushing and cleaning plumbing and HVAC systems
  • Step 5:Disposing of porous materials that can’t be salvaged such as drapes and carpets
  • Step 6:Decontaminating or disinfecting spots where paraphernalia was discarded

Closing Thoughts

If your property suffered because of a meth lab explosion, procrastinating on the remediation work can put you and your family in danger. STOP has everything it takes to address the unfortunate event. #stopmesa #biohazard

For effective meth lab cleanup, contact STOP today.


“Best Restoration Company in Mesa, AZ”

Top Rated Local Restoration Company / Water Damage Repair

Maricopa County: Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Tempe, AZ


“Best Restoration Company in Mesa, AZ”

Top Rated Local Restoration Company / Water Damage Repair

Maricopa County: Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Tempe, AZ


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