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Chicago – One-Stop Guide to Channel Letters and Everything You Need to Know!

BY: Don Meyers, Vital Signs USA

Channel letters have quickly become the most important signage products for the contemporary business owner. They combine a focus on fonts, colors, and sizes with the choice of illumination. Vital Signs USA has published this definitive guide to channel letters for Chicago, IL, companies of all sizes, which breaks down the options.

Aluminum + Polycarbonate + LEDs = Building Signs That Get Attention

One Stop Guide to Channel Letters in Chicago IL

A channel letter consists of an aluminum body that technicians form in the shape you desire. Because the aluminum is paintable, we can match your corporate tones for the sides, backs, and fronts. However, we may not have to paint the fronts if you opt for polycarbonate facings.

In this scenario, we close up the fronts or backs with polycarbonate. For the rear installation, we can leave them clear. For the front, we paint the material in bold colors that bespeak your brand message.

LEDs make the most sense for illumination. They last for a long time, are inexpensive to operate, and do not yellow the polycarbonate the way other light sources do. Most importantly, it is possible to choose colorful LEDs that support your brand hues.

Illumination Choices to Underscore a Brand Message

Backlit channel letters in Chicago IL

Nothing highlights your business’s upscale nature better than a building sign that is bathed in a soft halo of illumination. With backlit-lit channel letters, we can accomplish this appearance. The light escapes through the backs of the letters that we install with standoffs. Our technicians can determine the halo’s expression by controlling the distance between elements and walls.

Of course, the most popular illumination method is the front-lit appearance. In this case, the light escapes through the colorful fronts, making the tones become significant focal points after dark. If you are thinking of using bright white and multicolor LEDs, consider a combination-lit presentation that features a halo and front-lit setups.

Installation Choices for Channel Letters

Flush Mount channel letters in Chicago IL

Flush mounted channel letters.

The majority of business owners request flush-mount installations. Our specialists comply by attaching the individual components directly to the wall. We hide the power supply and associated wiring in the wall, which means that we need to access the letters’ backs from behind the façade.

Raceway Mounted Channel Letters in Chicago IL

If this is not possible, we recommend a raceway mount. It is a box that holds all the wiring; we paint it in the same color as the façade. Because it minimizes the number of holes we have to drill into the façade, many building owners and management companies prefer this installation method. Besides that, it boosts the three-dimensional presentation of the letters.

A third installation option, the wireway mount, functions as a backer panel. It could be an excellent idea when you want to incorporate another brand color or need a buffer between a building front’s color and the lettering tone.

Third-Party Sign Installations? We Do Those!

Third Party Sign Installation in Chicago | Channel Letters

Vital Signs USA’s guide to channel letters for Chicago, IL, would be incomplete without mentioning that we also provide third-party installations. Whether you are a sign shop with a local customer, a franchise owner who received signage components, or a business that lacks the necessary hardware, we can help.

Contact us today to learn more about your options and schedule your next signage project!

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“Best Sign Company in Elmhurst, IL”

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Chicago – One-Stop Guide to Channel Letters and Everything You Need to Know!