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Elmhurst, IL

by: Don Meyers

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Elmhurst Illinois – Painted Acrylic Lobby Sign Helps Brand Local Boutique!

The boutique, Maxine, sells an eclectic mix of purses, shoes, and apparel out of its location at 122 North York Street. When the storefront needed a brand-centric foyer marker, the owners selected a painted acrylic lobby sign in Elmhurst. IL.

Custom-Painted Sign Boosts the Brand Message for Customers

Painted Acrylic Lobby Signs in Elmhurst IL

Visitors to the company’s website are familiar with the orange lettering that spells out the corporate name. Not surprisingly, the client requested an accurate duplication for its boutique. Our technicians went to work. We flat-cut clear acrylic from a quarter-inch-thick sheet, which we then custom-painted in a tone that is precisely what the client uses online. Lastly, we flush-mounted the letters to the storefront’s white wall, where it now draws the eye of anyone entering the location.

Exploring the Options That Acrylic Makes Possible

Painted Acrylic Letter Lobby Signs in Elmhurst IL

Three-dimensional letters are among the most popular lobby signage choices. Because the material is available in depths of up to one inch, there are plenty of display options for having your brand stand out. However, what happens when you are not necessarily in the market for a flat-cut acrylic letter display?

The other choice is the design and production of a customized acrylic panel. Panels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Moreover, they open the door to treatments with frosted underlays, vinyl overlays, paint, and the installation of dimensional letters. Best of all, painted vinyl panels make it possible to install LED strips that allow for edge-lit or halo-lit lobby signs.

Looking Beyond the Acrylic

Lobby signs for boutiques in Elmhurst IL

What happens when acrylic just does not appeal to you? Once again, you have options.

  • Metal. Fabricated metal is ideal for the incorporation of LEDs that make illumination possible. The other choice is a flat-cut metal that allows for the display of 3D lettering without lighting. Many clients like to keep metal in its original color.
  • PVC. Choose PVC as a budget-friendly alternative to acrylic. It wears well, is easy to maintain, and lets you select customization with paint or imprinted vinyl overlays. Some clients have had excellent success using a custom color for the faces and a dark or bright color for the sides – depending on the hue of the wall.
  • Plastic. Formed plastic is a good choice for the business owner looking for rounded edges and perhaps prismatic faces. Once again, color customization is possible.

Are You Ready to Explore Brand Building with a Painted Acrylic Lobby Sign in Elmhurst, IL?

Is acrylic the right material for your brand? Its sleek good looks are suitable for boutiques, jewelry stores, and high-tech companies where creativity is necessary. Envision the display of your corporate persona in three-dimensional letters. Our technicians can cut out and paint your logo from this material, too.

Conversely, we can show you what your lobby sign could look like as a logo panel. Mounted with brushed aluminum standoffs, the display adds elegance and pizzazz to any room. When you connect with our specialists for more information, we will show you what each option could bring to the wall of your space.

Call us today to learn more!

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“Best Sign Company in Elmhurst, IL”

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