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Mason, OH – Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency for Call Center Employee Hiring

SYNOPSIS: Hiring call center representatives through a high-quality staffing agency offers many benefits for an employer. Find out firsthand by contacting Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency today.

Customer Service is Calling! Will You Answer?

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Attracting talent to staff your call center is a tall order. Call centers are notorious for demanding much from the employee, from displaying a wealth of knowledge regarding your company’s products or services to the classic “kill them with kindness approach” that requires complete composure and relentless optimism even when faced with difficult customers.

Hiring talent through a great agency, like Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency, is one way to make this process much easier, and includes a variety of benefits.

Quick and Easy Hiring

The first and most pronounced benefit of using an agency is the speed and efficiency at which it completes the hiring process.

Traditional methods require generating a job description, putting out an ad, posting the description across various job boards, and simply hoping for the best from there. Some employers are open to spending a little more during this phase in hopes that promoting the post will get it in front of more qualified candidates, but often they’re keen to keep a close hold on the purse strings and see who applies without increasing the expense.

From there, employers must review resumes and cover letters, identify acceptable candidates, conduct interviews, check references, and only then may an offer be made.

Using an agency bypasses this process entirely. Since the agency has already done all of the legwork associated with this process, all the employer must do is make one call and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Qualified candidates walk through the door, ready to work. It’s as simple as that.

Faster Onboarding

A new hire is exciting but creates extra work for everyone. Managers must monitor performance initially to make sure they get acquainted with the job quickly. HR must ensure they complete compliance forms and other state and federal essentials, so the business is not open to liability. Payroll must collect personal information, tax information, and other data to ensure the employee is paid properly.

Pouring all of this work into a new hire only to have them walk out the door within weeks or months is very disheartening, and expensive too!

Using an agency bypasses this as well. The agency already has the employee ready to work, set up with all necessary training, certifications, mandates, and more. Payroll is all set too, since they are technically employed by the agency.

Reduced Liability

Let’s say the new hire just doesn’t work out. It doesn’t matter much why.

Many employers are hesitant to fire employees because of possible repercussions including paying a portion of unemployment wages, wrongful termination suits, or EEOC complaints.

If you hired the employee through an agency, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You are free to send them on their way and get a replacement quickly with no repercussions. The employee, while they were not a fit for your organization, remains gainfully employed, and you’re not saddled with substandard talent at your call center.

It’s a win-win.

Call Today

If you need employees for your call center and you’ve had trouble with the traditional methods, it’s time to work smarter and not harder. Call Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency and let them provide solutions for you today!

“Best Staffing Agency in Cincinnati, OH”

Top Rated Local Employee Recruitment Company / Employee Hiring Agency

Hamilton County: Cincinnati, OH


“Best Staffing Agency in Cincinnati, OH”

Top Rated Local Employee Recruitment Company / Employee Hiring Agency

Hamilton County: Cincinnati, OH

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Mason, OH – Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency for Call Center Employee Hiring