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Chester County, PA – Custom Flashlights, Pens and More Branded Products

Branded products that light up are always a winner with customers and guests. Paramount Signs provides a wide array of products that are useful as well as fun. Of course you have the ever popular flashlights in all kinds of configurations. These are a must in every household, vehicle and office desk. But we also have fun products such as illuminated p…

Chester County, PA – Designing Around Traffic Flow: Tips from a Sign Designer

One of the most critical steps in acquiring your sign is the design phase. A well thought out design taking into consideration the location, type of traffic flow, lighting and many more aspects of environment are critical elements to an effective sign. Let's look at just one element amongst the many that is critical to sign design: Traffic flow:…

West Chester, PA – The Importance of Quality Graphic Design for your Business

New businesses are constantly popping up. People see a hole in the market, decide to fuel their passion, or decide that it is time for a new chapter. The constant succession of new small businesses allows for the market to constantly evolve. Starting a small business comes with its own laundry list of complicated tasks. The visual representation of your b…

Malvern, PA – Ensure Consistent Branding for your Business with Branding Guides

When people think about branding and their business identity there is a large range of components that come to mind. The primary component people think of is the logo. The logo then gets used across all mediums and creates a branded company, right? Not quite. While the logo is the visual representation of your brand there is much more to a successful…

Chester County, PA – Channel Letter Signs for Gyms and Martial Arts Studios

Channel letter signs are considered one of the real workhorses for building signage. They are versatile with the ability to be designed in quite a few different configuration styles which produces the visibility that makes them such a valuable asset. Channel letter signs are typically considered an exterior sign style, but they can also work well as i…

West Chester, PA – In House Logo Design, Sign Design and Promotional Products

Paramount Signs not only produces, installs and maintain signage of all types, we also have an in house creative design group that works with each customer to create the perfect design for their brand. Not only do we design signage, but a large part of our work is creating the visual brand for our clients. From logo design to interior and exterior sig…

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