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West Chester, PA – Let Us Customize the Perfect Window Graphics Package for You!

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Second surface layered cut graphics.

Window graphics make a big difference in attracting attention of potential customers to your business. This type of media is very flexible and quite diverse with materials and printing technology available today. Many aspects contribute to the materials used in a window graphic. Interior graphics don’t have to withstand the elements so there are more options. Additionally, some materials allow for you to see through the graphic, allow for the graphic to be easily removed and relocated as well as materials that can work to fully block all light. All these elements combined with an experienced designer allows for a fully customizable window graphics package.

First surface print and cut graphics.

Many forms of physical advertising requires the purchase of some sort of panel or stand to mount the graphic for display. Window graphics take advantage of the existing glass surfaces of your location. Whether interior or exterior, you maximize the cost of your space by using it for your advertising space as well. Typically these work well in exposing your business in high foot and/or drive-by traffic. Window graphics reach the most relevant people in your area; the people who will most likely be doing business with you!

With window graphics, you will hear two terms that define how the graphic is mounted:

First surface: First surface window graphics reside on the exterior side of the window and face outwards for exterior viewing.

Second surface: Second surface window graphics reside on the interior side of the window. The graphic typically faces outward, but can also face inward depending on the application. For outward facing graphics, the glass protects the graphic from the exterior elements such as rain, snow, abrasion etc. This style graphic gets reverse-printed/produced  to make the image face the correct way when installed.

Different types of window graphics serve specific purposes.

Second surface graphic printed on clear with a white backer panel.

Transparent graphics: Transparent graphics are unique. This type of graphic is printed on a clear vinyl where only the printed portion of the graphic is visible. The rest of the graphic blends in with the glass. The image will also illuminate when illuminated from behind. This style works well for second surface graphics. Typically the graphic is backed with white in order to make the color showcase nicely.

First surface frost and cut translucent vinyl creating an intricate privacy screen on the boardroom.

Translucent graphics: Translucent vinyl allows light to shine through which creates a bright color and does not darken any space with shadowing. With this style graphic there are 2 options: printed and cut vinyl. With printed vinyl options, best used if you have a multicolored logo or use specific colors, the graphics are printed and cut to shape and can be applied first surface to create a bold image. Unlike printed graphics which have a white backside, cut graphics are the primary color on both sides. This material works well for both first and second surface application.

Printed second surface perforated material applied with banner tape.

Perforated graphics: The perforated material allows visibility when looking out but not when looking in. This graphic resides on the exterior of the window and the small holes in the film allow people on the inside of a building to see out. Perforated graphics work well on vehicle windows as well. Within this style there are also options which are mounted with banner tape on the interior side of the glass and have the same effect.

First surface print and cut opaque graphics.

Opaque graphics: Opaque graphics make up the base of vinyl graphics. Just like translucent vinyl, there are 2 styles of opaque vinyl: printed and cut. For printed graphics the white base vinyl does not allow light to pass through the graphic. These graphics will have a printed front and a white/grey back. These graphics work best first surface. Cut graphics come in a roll of material in a specific color. Since both sides of the material are the color, these materials work both first and second surface.

Second surface frosted vinyl for conference room.

Frosted vinyl: This style is a very popular option when an etched glass look is desired. This material creates an upscale appearance which will allow light through. It still provides privacy and works well for interior spaces. These materials work well first or second surface and are a great way to create privacy for conference rooms and interior glass walls and doors.

‍Whether you’re incorporating vinyl lettering or going for full coverage, either option provides the means to grab the attention of the general public or impress customers inside your office space. At Paramount Signs, we have the knowledge, experience and creative design capability that makes the difference in your marketing campaign.

Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

“Best Sign Company in Downingtown, PA”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Chester County: Downingtown, , , , , PA


“Best Sign Company in Downingtown, PA”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Chester County: Downingtown, , , , , PA

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West Chester, PA – Let Us Customize the Perfect Window Graphics Package for You!