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Chester County, PA – Custom Vinyl Decals and alternatives to Painted Wall Murals

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Cut Decal Wall Mural for Senior Lounge in a Local School.

Wall murals bring to mind an intricate, hand painted piece of wall art. While still popular in specific settings, there are less expensive options that create the same result without the extensive time to prep, paint and dry time necessary for hand painted murals. Additionally, the down time for access to that space can be weeks for completion.

Large format digital printing married with specific materials, whether self adhesive, common wall paper or pre-pasted wall materials, opens up a whole new method to create wall coverings. The technology allows us to create that hand painted look or utilize high resolution graphics to create an environment that appears three dimensional.

Full Coverage Vinyl Wall Mural with Industry Specific Graphic.

Wall decals are similar to wall murals only on a smaller scale. The digital printing technology also works well for this application. Decals can be produced as a single decal or individually cut text and graphics to create specific images, phrases, logos or product images. The primary difference is that wall decals go through a cut process to produce the desired shape of the decal.

Cut Decal Promoting Inspirational Quotes Around Office.

What are some of the advantages of Wall Murals?

Space: They take advantage of existing wall space without creating obstructions or protrusions that may affect traffic flow, physical décor elements like furniture or display cases.

Full Coverage Infographic Wall Mural.

Design flexibility: Whether you want that painted look or you want a high resolution image, the technology allows total flexibility. Additionally, there are more options with textured materials, fire rated materials and patterned materials than ever before.

Ease of installation: No mess, quick installs allow you to get your space back in short order.

Very important in an operating office or retail space installation.

Full Coverage Wall Mural and Cut Logo Decal in Local Training Center.

How durable are digitally printed wall murals?

Wall mural or wall decal durability depends on a variety of factors, but the average printed self adhesive wall mural lasts about five years before the image or adhesive start to show any signs of aging. Paper based or wall paper adhesive mounted graphics may last slightly longer. Lower quality vinyl or temporary wall murals typically start to degrade sooner. Extreme temperatures, prolonged sun exposure, moisture, smoke and chemical exposure all contribute to the deterioration of the product.


Faux Brick Appearance Vinyl Wall Mural for Local Pizza Shop.

Paramount Signs specializes in large format décor wall coverings for custom commercial applications. We offer full color printed designs on all types of wall materials including vinyl , paper and unique textured materials. Whether you’re looking for a temporary wall covering for short-term event use, or a more permanent change, custom printed wall graphics provide a key feature component of the overall environmental graphics package.

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Chester County: Downingtown, PA


“Best Sign Company in Downingtown, PA”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Chester County: Downingtown, PA

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Chester County, PA – Custom Vinyl Decals and alternatives to Painted Wall Murals