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West Chester, PA – Cohesive Packages Branding with Custom Post and Panel Signs

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Traditional post and panel sign with two wooden posts with a double sided panel mounted between them.

When it comes to finding the most economical sign for your business that yields visibility while remaining highly durable, post and panel signs often prove your best choice! They provide a professional look even when they serve a temporary purpose such as commercial real estate markers. Post and panel signs can also be configured to serve as a primary business sign. While the standard post and panel sign consists of wooden posts with a panel between them, there are many elevated materials to create a bold sign solution. Materials such as aluminum or rustic cast posts are popular to create a more permanent appearance. Similarly, LED lighting can be included to create a bold, highly visible sign. Post and panel signs can be single or double sided and can be fully customized to match your businesses needs!

Post and panel sign for local park consisting of a carved HDU sign panel mounted onto painted wooden posts with detailing to the tops with an additional carved sign panel hanging below to create a bold permanent structure!

Post and panel signs are a great marketing tool for any business that wishes to advertise specific information. Many small businesses, real estate agents, and even larger companies that wish to display targeted information about their company will utilize this form of exterior signage. They are structured to offer a limitless amount of customizing options!

Internally illuminated light box sign with LED lighting within. As a permanent structure this sign stands on two metal pole/posts creating a hybrid between sign types!

Many customers are surprised to find out how affordable custom post and panel signs are. We provide a broad selection of solutions that will respect you budget. Additionally, by choosing from our selection of add-ons, you can make your sign even more attention-grabbing and appealing. Some options such as post toppers, pockets for brochures, and landscape lighting will make your sign stand out and easy to see after dark.

Branded parking/way finding post and panel sign for apartment community. All signs in this package were branded and cohesive while allowing ease around the community.

When you decide to market your company with a post and panel sign, Paramount Signs makes the process of tailoring your sign to fit your company’s aesthetic painless. We will review various shapes and materials that fit your budget. Our design team will suggest cohesive color combinations that complement your logo to increase your business brand presence. Allow us the opportunity to fabricate a tailored post and panel sign with our expert sign team, cutting-edge technology, and premium materials!

Aluminum panel sign mounted into vinyl posts with ball post toppers.

Aluminum post and panel signs may be manufactured from standard extrusions or our team of talented fabricators can work with you to create a custom design. From schools, office complexes, retail spaces or other commercial locations, we will find a solution that meets your precise needs for a creative and attractive presentation.

Wood post and panel signs are a very good option for the commercial real estate market. They are typically used temporarily and very budget friendly. Even though they are identified as temporary, they will last for years if needed.

Post and panel sign for a business complex complete with a custom shape, painted posts with end caps and changeable panels for rotating tenants.

We know that branding is an important part of your business. At Paramount Signs, we will work with you and your design team to incorporate the best branding initiatives available.

Do you have any questions about post and panel signs? Give the experts at Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation.

We believe that “getting you noticed is Paramount.”

“Best Sign Company in Downingtown, PA”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Chester County: Downingtown, PA


“Best Sign Company in Downingtown, PA”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Chester County: Downingtown, PA

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West Chester, PA – Cohesive Packages Branding with Custom Post and Panel Signs