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Where to Get Vehicle Wraps Repaired in Orange County, CA | Superior Signs

Where to get vehicle wraps repaired in Orange County

The original fleet wraps for Garza!

Remember Garza Industries? We shared not too long ago about this office paper and computer supply retail business that maintains a sizable fleet of delivery vehicles. Superior Signs and Graphics was hired to install vehicle wraps that now successfully brand and market the business on the highways and byways of Orange County. Well, one of the company’s Kias got into an accident, which not only damaged the bumper but also the wrap that we had installed.

Garza Industries was now wondering where to get vehicle wraps repaired in Orange County. The answer was simple:  Right here! Our experienced technicians not only design and install vehicle wraps, but we also repair them in the aftermath of fender benders and other damaging incidents. Since we did the original wrap, we had the design specs and artwork on file. Once the auto repair shop took care of the bumper, it was easy to print out new portions of the wrap to reinstall them. No matter how closely you examine Garza’s Kia, you will not be able to tell where the repair took place.

Here is another question the client had, “will my insurance company pay to repair my vehicle wraps if I’m in an accident in Orange County?” While this is not really a field of expertise for Superior, we do know that most companies will cover the damage if you have previously let them know that you have added wraps to your vehicle. Of course, ultimately it is best to consult with your insurance agent to get an authoritative answer.

Can you repair vehicle wraps

You can’t even tell the wraps were damaged!

By the way, this is not the first damaged wrap that Superior’s technicians have expertly repaired. In fact, while it is always easier to repair a product that we initially installed, we can still do an impeccable job even on a wrap that has been put in place by someone else. Moreover, it is not just the dented bumper that we can easily fix. Examples of our handiwork currently drive all over the counties of Orange and Los Angeles.

For example, not too long ago we re-wrapped a fender. The original installation was done by a professional who had relocated to northern California. We nevertheless took on the job, which called for a precise color match. We mixed the hues and printed out sample swatches until we created the perfect color. From there, it was easy to replace the missing fender section.

If your wrapped vehicle was in an accident, here is how to get it fixed in the shorted time possible:

  • Take care of the legal issues. Police may need to take numerous photos of the damaged vehicle. Insurance adjusters, too, may have to come out and document the extent of the damage with photos.
  • Call our technicians. Once you get the vehicle fixed by a mechanic, it is time to bring it to us. Call our technicians to set up and appointment.
  • Discuss the extent of the work. If we have installed the initial wrap, it will be pretty obvious what we need to fix. That said, if the product was installed by someone else, you need to tell us what you want us to fix or redo.
  • Pick up your vehicle. The repair work is done quickly. We call you to pick up your car. Before you know it, you are back on the road.

Any auto accident is unpleasant but now that you know that it is possible to repair and replace vehicle wraps it’s just one more reason to add this powerful advertising tool to your marketing arsenal! And, we make it easy to get a free quote…

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Below are some examples of other vehicle wrap repairs!

Examples of repaired vehicle wraps

See the damage?

Repair vehicle wraps after an Accident

We color-matched these wraps and now they are perfect!










Replace vehicle wraps after an auto accident in Orange County

A look at the damage!

Replace bad vehicle wraps with new ones in Orange County

Their new look!



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