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FAQs | Copier, Printer, Fax and Scanner: Do I Need Them All?

Customers call us asking what kind of printer or copier they need. They ask if they should get an “All-in-one” which includes a copier, printer, fax and scanner or if they should buy them individually.

We are glad to provide free consultation when a customer calls.  We ask a few key questions such as: How many faxes do you send/receive in a month’s time? How many print jobs do you send to your printer (we gauge this by how many reams of paper you go through each month)? How many copies per month do you use?

Then we ask about toner and ink usage.  As most people know laser printers are much faster than ink jets.  Even though lasers are initially more expensive, the cost per page is lower because the toner is more cost effective than ink.

If you need to print in color and it is only a few print jobs per month, we recommend an inexpensive HP ink jet printer.  The issue we have found with the “All-in-one” printers is that if the fax breaks you no longer have a working copier, printer or scanner.  So we recommend a stand alone laser printer (monochrome or color) and a copier, fax and scanner all in one.  Each individual business has its own unique needs so please call us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Call us toll free at (877) 933-3366.

FAQs | Do you sell refurbished / reconditioned printers?

Do you sell refurbished / reconditioned printers?

The quick answer is yes.  If you want to buy a laser or an ink jet printer there are a few things to consider.  You would need to know the company’s printing volume.  After this has been determined you would want to break it down to how much printing is done in color and in monochrome/black and white.  National statistics say that 80 % of all office printing is done in black ink.

If you fall into this category your company or purchasing agent should look for a high-end monochrome/black and white laser printer.  A high-end monochrome printer can cost from $800.00 to $2000.00 dollars.  They come with a 90 day or a one year warranty.  The warranties vary from sending the printer back to an on-site warranty including parts and labor.

When you purchase a reconditioned printer from Laser Printer Resource you get a one year parts and labor on-site warranty.  You can save up to 50% of the cost of a new monochrome laser printer.  You get the same warratny or better than a newly purchased laser printer.  For the same price we deliver and set up each printer.  Included in our service we would remove any printers that we are replacing.  If you are interested or have questions about purchasing a reconditioned printer feel free to contact us at (877) 933-3366.

FAQs | What is the difference between ink jet and laser printers?

5. What is the difference between ink jet and laser printers?

The most significant difference is obvious, price.  Inkjets, for the most part, are relatively inexpensive compared to a laser printer.  However, laser printers are now becoming more cost effective and not as expensive as they used to be.  The technology involved in an inkjet printer is similar to writing with a pen.  Basically, it is putting ink on paper.

Laser printers use a powder (toner) which is then heated (by the fuser) and fuses the toner powder to the paper.  Laser printers produce a higher quality print for color and monochrome printers.  Laser printers are usually much faster with the page per minute print jobs.

When buying a laser printer you should consider your monthly usage for color and black as the laser toner is generally more expensive initially.  In the long run, your cost per page will be less with a laser printer compared to an inkjet printer.

Laser printers generally last much longer than your inkjet printers and have fewer problems in regards to paper jamming.  Inkjets are generally not manufactured to be repaired because of their inexpensive cost and the inability to get replacement parts.  The manufacturer of inkjets want you to buy a new machine rather than fix the old one.  Of course the new machine will not use the same ink.  You will then be required to  buy new ink which is another added cost.  We recommend inkjet printing for the person or office that has a need for color printing that is minimal.  We offer free advice if you are considering buying a new copier, printer or fax machine.  Please call us before you make your purchase.

Call toll free 877-933-3366.

FAQs | Is My Laser Printer Worth fixing?

Laser Printer Repair Question 4 | Is my laser printer worth fixing?

We come across this question frequently.  The answer largely depends on what type of printer you have and the symptom(s) it is demonstrating.  Some monochrome and color laser printers are very inexpensive and it is difficult to get parts for them and generally it is not cost effective to fix them.  When you have invested $500 dollars or more on your printer it is generally worth fixing.

One of the  most common symptoms is paper jamming.  This can be caused by something as simple as a bent sensor or worn roller.  It can also be caused by a faulty fuser or a paper pick up assembly.  Customers would like us to diagnose the problems over the phone, but alas this is almost always not possible.  We need to send a technician out to get a complete diagnosis.

Another common symptom is “ghosting” or “double print”.  This could be caused by a faulty toner cartridge.  Which is why when ever a customer calls we ask them to change their toner cartridge before we come out to their site.  If changing the toner cartridge does not fix the problem we need to come out and diagnose.  Ghosting and double print can also be caused by faulty fusers or laser scanners.

We also hear “My printer is making a grinding noise or a squeaking noise.” Squeaking can be caused by a faulty toner cartridge or worn rollers or a bad fuser.  Grinding can be caused by many different things and usually needs a technician to come and diagnose.

If you think your printer may need service, please feel free to give us a call toll free (877) 933-3366.

FAQs |Should I use compatible / recycled toner cartridges in my color laser prin…

Should I use compatible / recycled toner cartridges in my color laser printer?

Compatible toner cartridges are sometimes known as recycled toner cartridges.  As of this writing we at Laser Printer Resource do not recommend using compatible color laser toners.  We do not believe the quality is equal to the OEM brands like HP, Lexmark, Canon, Etc.  It is very tempting to use the compatible toner cartridges because of the huge difference in price compared to the OEM brands.  At this time, we believe the risk to damaging your printer outweighs the cost savings.  At Laser Printer Resource when we sell compatible black toner, we back it up with our technicians and they are 100% guaranteed.  We constantly monitor the technology for the manufacture of compatible color toner cartridges and when we feel comfortable enough to recommend to our clients we will do so.


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