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Pittsburgh, PA – Grow Your Small Restaurant / Bar by Hiring a Business Coach

SYNOPSIS: Certified FocalPoint Business Coach Geoff Zak uses over two decades of experience in the bar and restaurant industries and expert-developed business strategies to help small restaurants & bars.

Restaurants/Bars: Hire a Business Coach for Growth

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Bars and restaurants aren’t simple to manage in a constantly shifting food industry and workplace: the unpredictability of sales, employee retention, and daily operations are often overwhelming. Working with a professional experienced in unpredictable and complex business environments will help you to use a critical approach to maintaining order and productivity. A business coach can help you to remain adaptable when you are in the weeds, and more receptive to discovering creative solutions putting out the never-ending fires that you experience daily.  

During a business coaching session, I will support you step-by-step with materializing or reorienting your bar or restaurant according to your vision. We will assess your business plan and marketing and develop an effective strategic plan to improve sales, daily operations management, staff development, customer service, and more.

Bar and Restaurant Growth Development with a Coach

  • Leadership development: as a business owner, you are accountable for decisive action in building your ideal bar or restaurant. I will work with you to identify your mission, purpose, and vision to create a marketable bar, restaurant or brew pub that fulfills your personal and professional goals. 
  • Marketing and branding: we will explore strategic marketing, branding, and advertising to reach your target customers, identify new markets to effectively engage prospective customers, and create distinctive branding for your bar or restaurant.  
  • Refined management: time, team, and financial management are critical in scaling, improving productivity, and creating structure in your bar or restaurant. You will learn the seven secrets of managerial success, how to optimally budget, expense reduction strategies, time management strategies, staff development, and more.


  • Talent management and development: you will learn strategies to hire the right talent for your bar or restaurant, create tactical new employee orientations, implement actionable employee performance plans, learn retention strategies, and use effective coaching and mentoring to develop your team leaders. 
  • Sales improvement: you will gain insight into specific sales strategies that will align and enhance your staff’s ability to drive sales and delight your customers.  
  • Productive communication: you will learn how to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with your vendors and partners and maintain harmony and collaboration with your staff. 

Bar and Restaurant Coaching Overview

  • I conduct a business assessment to determine your progress in achieving business growth compared to the benchmark and your personal goals. 
  • We look at your key constraints and set goals to adjust, change, or remove limitations. 
  • We identify the key results areas available to capitalize. 
  • We create purposeful and tangible goals to achieve favorable results.  
  • I help you build strategic action plans for the execution of objectives to achieve those goals. 
  • We will communicate the strategic plan to staff, answer questions, and address concerns from your team to have an engaging and insightful meeting. 
  • We will create action, performance, and new employee hiring and training plans with key performance indicators for skill-building, leadership, and customer service development.


Owners of bars and restaurants seeking a business expert for growth and development can book a consultation with me today.

“Best Business Coach in Pittsburgh, PA”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Allegheny County: Pittsburgh, , , , , PA


“Best Business Coach in Pittsburgh, PA”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Allegheny County: Pittsburgh, , , , , PA

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Pittsburgh, PA – Grow Your Small Restaurant / Bar by Hiring a Business Coach