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Phoenix, AZ – Make Your Business About Your Business | Franchise Consulting News

Crazy Times As a business consultant I never thought I'd have to tell business owners to focus on their businesses but that is exactly what I find myself having to do these days. In our unique circumstances of today there are many challenges which may lead to forgetting to focus on what makes a business successful. If you want to be successful it typicall…

Scottsdale, AZ – Franchise Consulting Lingo: Royalty Payments / Franchise Fees

Continuing in our series of franchising definitions, today we are reviewing royalty payments. Franchises charge fees when someone wants to buy into their franchise opportunity and operate under the name of the franchise, which includes the use of intellectual property, like logos and the franchise name itself. In addition to upfront fees, franchises c…

Scottsdale / Phoenix, AZ – Franchising Lingo: F.I.P. (Franchise Information Pack…

Franchise Information Packet (F.I.P.) - Typically between 12 and 18 pages, the Franchise Information Packet or Package, also known as the FIP, is a marketing piece developed by a franchise for people potentially interested in buying into their franchise opportunity. It covers all the key aspects of the franchise, industry data, potential earnings, and how t…

Best Franchise Consulting Company in Scottsdale, AZ is USG – Top Rated Experts

If you haven't heard of CityScoop, it's the number one local business news website in the United States according to Google. If you do a Google search for ‘us local business news’, you'll find websites like,,, and at the top. CityScoop accepts only 1 top rated industry expert in each c…

Phoenix, AZ – Franchise Consulting Company VS Franchise Consultant

A franchise consulting company and a franchise consultant may sound very similar. It may sound like one is a company, and the other is an individual. While sometimes that is the case, that is not the definition between these two. It is true that a franchise consulting company can consist of multiple franchise consultants, but for the purpose of this…

Scottsdale, AZ – Franchising Lingo: Operations Manual – Franchise Consulting

In this quick post, we are continuing our series of franchising definitions articles with the operations manual. The operations manual is a document that outlines everything the franchisee needs to do in order to properly operate the business and be successful. It's the list of specific tasks that needs to be done by the franchisee, in which particular…

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