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Silicon Valley, CA | Having a Marketing Roadmap Puts You on Track for Success

Your Marketing Roadmap

How do you ignite your marketing engine?

There’s a way to set your business apart in your marketplace that attracts your ideal customers to you. It all starts with your Marketing Foundation.

What are you really selling?

Your Marketing Roadmap walks you through the steps that will establish the Marketing Foundation you need to appeal to your key target markets by offering the promise of emotional gratification that they are seeking. We all buy on that promise of emotional gratification, no matter how large or small the purchase. When you identify the “emotion” you are selling, you are then in a position to appeal to the unconscious buying preferences of your preferred customers. So you are really selling an emotion more than you are selling your tangible product or service.

How do you get a yes?

The “yes” needed for your customer to take the next step to buying your products and/or services takes place on the unconscious level. That “yes” takes place in the first few seconds of that customer’s encounter with your marketing message. Once that “yes” happens, then the conscious mind comes into play, providing the rational armament for the buying decision. Without the unconscious yes, your customer won’t engage any further with your offer. So it becomes vital that you build your Marketing Foundation to appeal to the unconscious buying preferences of your audience.

What does it take to generate leads and convert prospects?

Once you identify their buying preferences, you can use all the components of your Marketing Foundation to generate leads, (i.e. potential customers who are interested in what you are offering) and then convert those prospects into loyal customers.

You need your Marketing Foundation to be in place before you can:

  1. Build and implement your marketing plan
  2. Create advertising that works
  3. Sell effectively to your customers
  4. Build your website content
  5. Effectively communicate to your employees how to express what you offer.
  6. Recruit and hire the right people who are inspired to participate in the fulfillment of your vision

What are the Key Elements?

Your marketing initiatives work best when you have a clear and documented Business Vision. Once you have the Business Vision in place, then you can craft your marketing plan and activities to move you toward the fulfillment of your business vision.

Target Market Definition

  • Demographics – Who your key customers are
  • Psychographics – Why they buy
  • Unique Selling Proposition – Short phrase that expresses the promise of emotional gratification that your customers are seeking
  • Positioning Statement – Redefines what you do in a way that sets you apart in your marketplace
  • Positioning Paragraph – Your marketing positioning paragraph that embodies the promise of emotional gratification that your key markets are seeking. This paragraph will create the uniqueness that sets you apart in your marketplace based on the targeted emotional needs of your customers and will attract them like a magnet. This paragraph will be the foundation of your marketing strategy and will guide all the other marketing activities you do. For the purposes of business networking, you can take your elevator pitch from your positioning paragraph.


The key components of Your Marketing Roadmap are the ingredients you need to set yourself apart in your marketplace and directly appeal to your identified target market(s). Providing that promise of emotional gratification they are seeking as they engage with you, is the best way to attract them to be your loyal customers.  Once a prospect becomes a customer, having your systems in place so you can deliver on your promise is essential. With your Marketing Foundation in place, you are ready to ignite your marketing engine!

For help building your Marketing Roadmap, contact me at  janice@intentionalleaders.com or call 408-884-8861




“Best Business Coach in Los Gatos, CA”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Silicon Valley: Los Gatos, CA


“Best Business Coach in Los Gatos, CA”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Silicon Valley: Los Gatos, CA


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