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Rain, Rain go away! With all this rain lately and cold weather kids tend to get stuck inside. As the parks are too wet to play on and the sun goes down at 5 it can be difficult to find outdoor activities to do. Indoor activities are very limited but there are some great things kids can do inside without a mess. The first thing kids tend to turn too when they can’t go outside is the television, or the computer. This makes socializing and interacting harder so there are some better ideas that don’t involve technology! One oldie but goodie idea is hide and seek! As an older game that everyone knows, it can still be fun and exciting! Some kids may already be aware of different versions so play the one that suits you! Another thing that doesn’t involve as much running around are crafts! ThereĀ are many sites filled with craft choices that can bring enjoyment to the little ones Many of these, during this time of the year, have something to do with Christmas and New Years and can be used as a beautiful decoration. An option to get the whole family involved could include board games! Nothing brings a family closer than a good game of sorry. There are also many junior versions of the classical games that both you and your kids will enjoy to play and learn! Additionally, baking is always fun and entertaining! Bake some cookies or cupcakes together and bring them to your neighbors to show them your appreciation. The learning tree strongly encourages friendly and safe neighborhood interactions! Although keeping kids entertained indoors might be difficult, it is possible! Just requires a little thinking outside the box !