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You’ve heard the benefits of reading with young children before (including from us). Now that it’s National Book Month, it seems like a great time to share a few of our favorite books. Grab one of these and spend some quality time reading with your favorite preschooler. We’ll be doing the same thing over at The Learning Tree in Livermore!

Many of these great stories have stood the test of time, and some are newer entries. Check out some of our favorites:

So how do you choose a good book for your child? The best way is to follow your child’s lead. Does he or she love trains or princesses? Or is he or she wild about animals? Choosing a subject that sparks their interest will help capture their attention and imagination. It’s even better when the stories have great imagery and exciting storylines. All these things—not to mention spending time with you—set kids up to enjoy reading for the rest of their lives.

Want some more suggestions? Here is a great list of the 100 Best Children’s Books from Time as well as some recommended preschool books via Goodreads. Happy reading!