Wondering how to prevent the water damage caused by a refrigerator? Here’s everything you need to know!  

Water damage is a truly scary thing with long-lasting effects, such as structural damage and mold growth. Water damage caused by a leaky refrigerator is particularly a tricky one as the fridge obstructs your view of the wall behind the unit and the floor underneath it, this prevents you from noticing the early signs of water damage and fixing its cause.Fridge

What can you do about the water damage caused by a leaky fridge? We will explain in the following paragraphs.

How Long Before You Have to Worry about Your Refrigerator Causing Water Damage?

Water damage caused by a refrigerator does not happen overnight. Often, the plastic water line behind the fridge weakens or cracks, which causes a slow leak. Over the years, water from this slow leak, affects the walls behind and the floors beneath the refrigerator, which leads to slow but progressive water damage.

Other common culprits of water damage caused by the refrigerator include condensation and ice maker leaks. Unfortunately, even a little added dampness from condensation accumulation can cause significant damage to your floors and walls, without you knowing it. That is what is alarming about water damage; you often do not notice it until it is too late.

How to Deal With the Water Damage from a Refrigerator

The repairs associated with the water damage from a refrigerator will mostly depend on how much damage has been caused. If you have spotted the damage early, then you can just mop up the water and dry the surfaces. Once dry, your flooring should return to normal. Make sure to dry the walls as well to prevent the chance of mold growth.

With that said, if the water damage is extensive, then you will probably need professional help to tackle the structural damage of your walls and floors. You will probably need to have the drywall and flooring completely taken down and replaced. It may be costly, but it will help prevent further damage to your home.

How to Prevent Water Damage Caused By Your Refrigerator

A reliable way to prevent water damage caused by a refrigerator is to regularly inspect and maintain your unit. Make sure to clear away any debris and dust from behind the fridge. Check your water line frequently, for hard water buildup. If you can, upgrade your plastic water lines to a braided steel supply line.

Furthermore, you can invest in a battery-operated water alarm. You can place a water alarm behind your refrigerator. This alarm helps detect leaks and water damage before things get too out of hand. This will alert you to the situation before it causes permanent damage.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to prevent water damage caused by your refrigerator and if you are facing significant water damage, then do not hesitate to call a professional service immediately.

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