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Langhorne, PA – Prevent Water Damage in Basements by Using These Strategies


Not sure how to reduce the chances of basement flooding and water damage? Study these tips to effectively keep water out of your basement.

Basement flooding is among the most common household problems that may result from flash floods, appliance failures, drainage problems, or other reasons. When unaddressed, water intrusion can ruin your walls, floors, and furniture, and even trigger mold growth, which may pollute the indoor air quality and pose health risks to you and your family.

To avoid all these problems, adopt and implement these strategies to keep moisture out of your basement:

Interior WaterproofingGutters and Downspouts

If your basement is faced with minor, intermittent leaks, interior waterproofing should be an effective way to prevent water intrusion. Various types of waterproofing solutions or sealants are available and you should choose the one that suits your basement wall material.

If your basement walls have never been sealed or painted before, the Silicate-Based Concrete Sealer is an ideal solution for you. As a sealer soaks into the brick or concrete, a waterproof surface will be formed.

Another option is waterproofing paint, which is pretty similar to regular wall paint. You can also apply it on painted surfaces. Finally, concrete waterproof coating is perfect for sealing concrete or masonry walls, but keep in mind that it cannot be used on painted surfaces.

Adjust the Ground Level Around Your Home

No matter how robust your interior waterproofing is, it will fail repeatedly if you don’t take the necessary steps to waterproof from the outside. If the ground surrounding your home foundation is sloping inwards, nothing will stop water from making its way into your basement.

To divert rainwater away from your home, make sure that the ‘crown’ of dirt around your home slopes is at least 6 inches over the first ten feet in all directions.

Clear the Gutters and Downspouts

During normal rainfall, water from blocked roof gutters often ends up into your basement. The blockage occurs due to branches, leaves, or even loose particles in case of asphalt roofing.

The simple remedy is to keep the gutters and downspouts clear at all times. You can do that by pouring water using your garden hose. Also, consider extending downspouts such that they are at least 5 feet away from your home. Adding metal or plastic extensions should help you achieve that.

You may also choose to install an underground drainpipe. This will ensure that the gutter runoff is directed away from your house.

Use a Sump Pump

When it comes to preventing basement flooding, you can’t ignore sump pumps. They help protect against basement flooding by pumping out water that accumulates in the sump basin. It will automatically discharge water outside your home when water level rises on the basement floor.

While adhering to the above-explained tips should help keep water out of your basement, severe storms can still lead to basement flooding. If you do encounter basement flooding, reach out to a water damage restoration professional immediately.

For water damage restoration and cleaning, get in touch with S.T.O.P today.


“Best Home Restoration Company in Langhorne, PA”

Top Rated Local Home Restoration / Water Damage Repair Company

Bucks County: Langhorne, PA


“Best Home Restoration Company in Langhorne, PA”

Top Rated Local Home Restoration / Water Damage Repair Company

Bucks County: Langhorne, PA


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