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Fort Myers, FL Shannon Willits: Dedicated Master Pilates Instructor Club Pilates

In the world of Pilates, finding an instructor who not only possesses an in-depth understanding of the practice but also has a genuine passion for movement and well-being can be a game-changer. Shannon Willits, the owner of Club Pilates studios in Fort Myers, Estero, and Cape Coral, FL, is one such master Pilates instructor who brings a wealth of knowledge a…

Naples, FL – The Crucial Role of Proper Alignment in Your Pilates Practice

Pilates is a fitness system that has gained immense popularity for its ability to improve core strength, flexibility, balance, and overall well-being. Central to the effectiveness of Pilates is the emphasis on proper alignment. Achieving and maintaining great alignment is not just a recommendation; it's a fundamental principle that plays a critical role in t…

Cape Coral, FL – Unveiling the Excellence of STOTT Pilates® with Shannon Willits

In the realm of mind-body fitness, few methodologies can claim the time-tested effectiveness and transformative power of Pilates. While the classical approach to Pilates has been cherished for decades, the emergence of contemporary methods has enriched this discipline, making it safer and more effective. Among these modern approaches, STOTT Pilates® stands o…

Fort Myers, FL – Unleash the Transformative Power of Self Myofascial Release

In the world of fitness and wellness, the pursuit of improved performance, flexibility, and overall well-being is a constant journey. One technique that has gained prominence in recent years is Self Myofascial Release (SMR), a method of self-massage aimed at alleviating muscle tension, enhancing mobility, and promoting recovery. When…

Fort Myers, FL – Applied Functional Science A Scientific Approach to Movement

In the realm of health and fitness, constant evolution is the key to unlocking human potential and achieving optimal well-being. Applied Functional Science® (AFS), pioneered by Dr. Gary Gray, the visionary founder of the Gray Institute®, represents a groundbreaking approach to movement. Unlike conventional fitness theories, AFS is fir…

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Shannon Willits

Shannon Willits - Movement Arts Pilates Fort Myers

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13211 McGregor Boulevard,
Fort Myers, FL 33919, USA

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13211 McGregor Boulevard,
Fort Myers, FL 33919, USA



BIO: I have personally experienced the benefits of Pilates and The MELT Method along with functional, core-based movement to overcome my own overuse injuries. It is through my experience that I share with my clients the knowledge that with hydrated and toned connective tissue and correct movement you can achieve results of a strong, fluid, balanced body that is pain-free and moves with ease.