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Suspend Challenge Month of January Club Pilates, Fort Myers, Southwest Florida

Hey there. I'm Shannon Willits and I'm a master trainer for club Pilates. I'm also a TRX instructor. I certified for TRX in 2008, and recently, uh, went through the Pilates suspension method certification with, uh, Nancy Dangler here. Who's an instructor trainer for Pilates suspension methods. And I'm Nancy and I'm happy to be here. And, uh, as Shanno…

Fort Myers, FL – Teacher Training Opportunity at Club Pilates Fort Myers WEST

When I think about is that, and I often tell my students, this is it's the thinking person. When you come in here, you have to learn how to move your body. As it was designed to move. When we took gym class and PE, they forced us or taught us to do as many sit-ups or crunches you could do in 60 seconds, how fast can you run the mile? But they never taught…

Fort Myers, FL – Discover a Life Changing Opportunity | Pilates Teacher Training

If you've ever thought about becoming a Pilates instructor, if you enjoy moving your body and you enjoy working in the fitness industry, or you're curious to learn more, I would highly recommend Pilates teacher training with a Club Pilates, Fort Myers, master trainer and owner Shannon Willits. Not only has she been in the field as a Pilates practitioner,…

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Shannon Willits

Shannon Willits - Movement Arts Pilates Fort Myers

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13211 McGregor Boulevard,
Fort Myers, FL 33919, USA

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13211 McGregor Boulevard,
Fort Myers, FL 33919, USA



BIO: I have personally experienced the benefits of Pilates and The MELT Method along with functional, core-based movement to overcome my own overuse injuries. It is through my experience that I share with my clients the knowledge that with hydrated and toned connective tissue and correct movement you can achieve results of a strong, fluid, balanced body that is pain-free and moves with ease.