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Fort Myers, FL – Art of Golf Marries the Training of Pilates | Pilates Expert

Shannon Willits, Functional Golf Specialist Steve Abbe, Professional Golfer and Instructor My Pilates journey started because of a cute Pilates instructor coming and introducing it, number one, but this was back in the early to mid two thousands and Tiger Woods was doing Pilates. So some of the great…

Fort Myers, FL – Alignment Matters Interview With Pilates Master Shannon Willits

This article is a continued transcription of the video interview with Shannon Willits, Club Pilates Instructor and Dr. Lee Angle, Chiropractor in Fort Myers, FL. To watch the video and see the beginning of this interview click here. Dr. Lee Angle, "And you mentioned the anterior head carriage, a whole lot of problems come up. Cervical muscles are going to…

Fort Myers, FL – Shannon Willits Interviews Dr. Lee Angle, Alignment Matters

Hey Shannon Willits here. The owner of Club Pilates and Fort Myers and Estero, FL. I'm also a master trainer for Club Pilates. I'm here with my friend, Dr. Lee Angle from Upper Cervical Chiropractic Health Centers in Fort Myers, FL and this is "Alignment Matters". Dr. Lee, you want to tell us about yourself? Dr. Lee "I'm a chiropractor I've been in practice…

Fort Myers, FL — Clients Share Their Pilates Experience With Shannon Willits

My name is Beth McMahon. I just turned 60 years old and my whole life has been lived as a competitive athlete. From the time I was six, I was competitive gymnast. And you can imagine the ruin of my body that has taken the toll that has taken on my joints and my muscles over all those years. My senior year in high school, right after I received my sc…

Fort Myers, FL – The Importance of Proper Posture On The Body | Pilates News

One of the most important things we work on in a pilate’s class is posture. That’s because when it comes to longevity and living pain-free, alignment is everything. And that is what we are all about, we want to provide a great quality of life for people of all ages. So most of us are working at a desk, right? And what that creates is this posture, which…

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Shannon Willits

Shannon Willits - Movement Arts Pilates Fort Myers

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13211 McGregor Boulevard,
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BIO: I have personally experienced the benefits of Pilates and The MELT Method along with functional, core-based movement to overcome my own overuse injuries. It is through my experience that I share with my clients the knowledge that with hydrated and toned connective tissue and correct movement you can achieve results of a strong, fluid, balanced body that is pain-free and moves with ease.