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Fremont, CA – Good Office Ergonomic Guidelines from an Ergonomic Consultant

BY: Allen Yagjian, Ergobility LLC

Searching for best ways to improve ergonomics at the workplace?

Good Office Ergonomic

Ergobility consultants offer the guidelines that will help you improve your office ergonomics.

Ergonomic practices are not just for the company’s better image in the industry; they are important for employees’ better health and to avoid safety risks. Most companies in the world have incorporated ergonomics in the workplace. From the chairs and desks to the work goals for employees, everything has become a factor to benefit workers.

If you haven’t applied the best ergonomic practices for your office employees yet, it’s time to get on board. With the help of ergonomics, you can make your workplace a well-oiled machine that works without breaking down every few days. Your employees are the most crucial factor in contributing to your company’s success, so making sure they are happy and healthy should be prioritized.

Here are some ways that you can improve your office ergonomics and minimize the risk of MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders):

Have Comfortable Chairs at Work

If your company works in a sector where sitting at a desk for most of the day is normal, you need to invest in ergonomic chairs for the employees. An ergonomic chair comes with various settings for posture adjustment. The employees can make changes according to their bodies and work comfortably without worrying about strained muscles or other MSDs. A chair with an adjustable armrest, height, and seat pan depth setting would be a perfect fit for office ergonomics.

Encourage Straight Posture

Remember that having a perfect chair for the workplace is not enough; it is equally important to maintain a good posture to avoid muscle or tissue strains. Good posture does not mean something that you are comfortable in. If it’s not ergonomically in your best interest, it may not be a good posture for you. Therefore, keeping the back straight and neck aligned while working is good for muscle health. Changing the posture throughout the day also helps avoid injuries.

Avoiding Eye Strain

If your employees spend most of their day at work looking at their computer screens, they may experience eye strain from time to time. Therefore, you must make sure that their screens are eye-level and they are sitting straight in their chair. Even though you can’t stand next to every employee to ensure they follow the best ergonomics practices, you can organize training sessions or workshops to spread awareness.

Computer Station Adjustments

Another thing that your employees need to ensure for ergonomics is their workstation. If they use a computer screen, a mouse, and a keyboard, they need to ensure everything is aligned with their wrists. Other things, like stationary tools, phones, etc., should be within reach as well. An ergonomic training session can help them understand the best adjustments based on their height and preferences.

Hire an Ergonomic Consultant from Ergobility!

If you need to train your employees in the best ergonomic practices, Ergobility can help! We have certified consultants with years of experience teaching ergonomics. We consider the health and safety of people as the main factor that contributes to any company’s success. So, if you want your business to become successful, invest in ergonomics for your employees!

“Best Ergonomist in Emeryville, CA”

Top Rated Local Ergonomic Assessment / Evaluation / Specialist

East Bay Area: Emeryville, Oakland, SF, Berkeley, Fremont, CA


“Best Ergonomist in Emeryville, CA”

Top Rated Local Ergonomic Assessment / Evaluation / Specialist

East Bay Area: Emeryville, Oakland, SF, Berkeley, Fremont, CA

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Fremont, CA  – Good Office Ergonomic Guidelines from an Ergonomic Consultant