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Fremont, CA – Workstation Ergonomics Advice From a Top-Rated Ergonomists


Are you looking for effective solutions to streamline your office’s operations? Take some valuable advice from a top-rated ergonomists with regards to workstation ergonomics.

Ergonomics is an untapped scientific field and an underrated source of unlimited solutions for workplace issues. In this day and age of cut-throat competition between corporations and ever-increasing pressure on workforces with prolonged work hours, it’s essential to take care of your human resources and provide them with the best work environment possible. Therefore, it’s an important duty of the upper management and leadership to figure out the best ergonomic workstations for the employees that sky-rocket their productivity.

Here’s some valuable advice from a top-rated ergonomist regarding the matter:


Here is some core ergonomic advice regarding chair selection and positioning:

  • Go for a chair that props up your spine.
  • Maneuver the chair’s height in a way that allows your feet to sit flat on the floor. The ideal position is when your thighs sit parallel to the floor.
  • Manage armrests in a way that allows you to place your arms and shoulders in a relaxed position.

Regarding Key Objects

Select your most used items and keep them near you to avoid body stretch and enhance reach. Stuff like your telephone, important documents, stapler, stamps and other essentials should be present near your body. If something is too far, stand up to reach it instead of over-stretching the body.


As for the desk, ensure the following:

  • There’s enough space under the desk to allow you room for your thighs, knees and feet. Raise your chair’s height if the desk is too low, and place hard blocks under the desk if it’s too low- in any way, make sure your chair and desk are at the same level.
  • Avoid stuffing items under your work desk.
  • For desks with hard corners, use wrist rests or pads.

Keyboard And Mouse

Here’s what ergonomists advise here:

  • Your mouse should be in an easy reach for you and on the same surface as your keyboard’s.
  • While using either of these devices, ensure that your upper arms are near your body, wrists are straight, and hands are at your elbow level.
  • Use more keyboard shortcuts to lessen mouse movements.
  • Keep switching the mouse’s side across the keyboard to distribute pressure between both your hands.


For the monitor, ensure that:

  • It’s right in front of you, ideally, at an arm’s distance.
  • The screen should be at or slightly below your eye level.
  • The monitor is accurately before the keyboard.
  • Position it in a way that the brightest light source happens to be to the side.


Use a footrest if:

  • Your chair is way too above to allow your feet to sit flat on the ground.
  • Or the desk a little too below.
  • Use some sturdy blocks if you don’t have a footrest.

The Bottom Line

These small changes in all your workstation essentials can bring a noticeable ergonomic change that will translate into improved overall performance and productivity. For more ergonomic advice for better workstations, contact Ergobility today.


“Best Ergonomist in Emeryville, CA”

Top Rated Local Ergonomic Assessment / Evaluation / Specialist

East Bay Area: Emeryville, Oakland, SF, Berkeley, Fremont, CA


“Best Ergonomist in Emeryville, CA”

Top Rated Local Ergonomic Assessment / Evaluation / Specialist

East Bay Area: Emeryville, Oakland, SF, Berkeley, Fremont, CA


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