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Arcadia, CA – Acrylic Dimensional Letter Sign for Security System Supplier

There are many different ways to make a lobby sign depending on your logo. Many logos look great as a dimensional letter sign which are 3-dimensional letters and logos that are routed from a material. We typically use acrylic, or aluminum if the client wants to use metal. For Post Alarm's sign, we decided to go with acrylic because their logo was black, blu…

Woodland Hills, CA – Monument Sign Letters for Church

We made a new monument sign for a local church in the San Fernando Valley, Woodland Hills United Methodist Church. After the sign was installed, they wanted to add and change a few things. The monument sign was originally going to be supported by two metal posts, however, the city required us to add a skirt around the bottom so there was a little more space…

Porter Ranch, CA – Reverse-lit Channel Letter Sign for Pharmacy

Channel letter signs are probably the most requested storefront sign that we make. The channel letters we made for Porter Ranch Pharmacy are reverse-lit channel letters, which means that light comes out the back of the letters. Our channel letters are made from aluminum and we start with routing out the faces of the letters. We then use the faces as a guide…

Chatsworth, CA – Business Signs Benefits for Local Marketing Success (Indoor & O…

The sign industry today is nothing like it used to be. Now there are appealing and innovative signs for every business, location, and aspect. If you are a business owner or just starting out, you have to know that business signs work hard to boost your business – and here's why. 5 Benefits of Business Signs Your Location If people don't know who…

Chatsworth, CA – Prop 65 Sign Changes Need Updated Compliance (Ask Us How)

There is a new sign in town that Californians should know about. Starting on August 30, 2018, California Prop 65 signs are changing. If you already have Prop 65 signs, they will not comply with regulations come the end of August. They will need to be replaced. Fortunately, we can help you with that without too much fuss. What is Proposition 65? Califor…

Chatsworth, CA – Custom Storefront Marketing with Quality Sign Options (LED Opti…

Storefront businesses seem to be a dime a dozen. If your business is in a location such as this, you need to rise above your competitors. One sure way to do that is with the proper storefront signs. The correct use of storefront signs is one of your best marketing strategies. Modern customers love visual presentations. A well-placed storefront sign is the…

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