Channel letter signs are probably the most requested storefront sign that we make. The channel letters we made for Porter Ranch Pharmacy are reverse-lit channel letters, which means that light comes out the back of the letters. Our channel letters are made from aluminum and we start with routing out the faces of the letters. We then use the faces as a guide to create the returns of the letters which we hand-bend at our shop. The returns and the faces are then welded together and then sanded to create a seamless edge. If we need to paint or powder coat the channel letters, we send them out to get painted or powder coated. For this sign, the letters were painted duranodic bronze. Then we add the LEDs and the backs of the channel letters which are made from clear Lexan, a UL listed polycarbonate. Since the entire channel letter is solid aside from the back, the LEDs shine out the back onto the wall behind the sign as long as they are spaced off of the wall. We space our reverse-lit channel letters 1 1/2″ off of the wall.

We also made window graphics for the pharmacy. They already had some window graphics to list their services but they wanted to add more to the door that had the logo, contact information, and their hours. Unless the client wants to use a specific color, we use white vinyl for window lettering. White lettering is the most visible against a window and visibility is important when it comes to exterior signs. Once the design is finalized, the vinyl is plotted and application taped so everything is in the right place. The vinyl is then applied to the clean window using levels and tape to make sure that the positioning is right.