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How to Tell The Difference Between Foundation Damage and Settling | PIERMAN

If you are the owner of a house or other structure, your foundation may show symptoms of alteration. This could be brought on by it settling further into the ground, or an issue that can present additional problems. Both of these can contribute to issues in your house like floor cracks or indentations. However, resolving these issues can call for st…

Steel As The Superior Choice For Foundation Piers | PIERMAN Foundation Repair

When it comes to foundation piers, one material stands out as the superior choice: steel. Steel foundation piers offer numerous advantages over other materials, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for stabilizing and supporting a home's foundation. In this article, we will explore the benefits of steel foundation piers and why they are considered…

Caring For Your Lawn After Foundation Piering Excavation | PIERMAN Foundation

After undergoing foundation piering services, it's essential to take proper care of your lawn to ensure its health and recovery. Foundation piering involves excavation work around your home's foundation to stabilize and repair any underlying structural issues. This process can temporarily disrupt your lawn and landscaping, but with the right care and attenti…

Protecting Your Foundation During Heavy Rains | PIERMAN Foundation Repair

In the spring, it often rains quite a bit, which can be bad news for your house's base. The water can seep into cracks and gaps in the concrete, causing harm to the foundation and making it less sturdy over time. Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent this kind of damage, such as installing drainage systems and keeping your gutters clean. If you'…

Which Foundation Type Is Best For Me? | PIERMAN Foundation Repair OK, TX

Becky, a fictional homeowner, likely selected a slab foundation for her new home due to factors such as cost and minimal upkeep. However, it can be assumed that she thoroughly researched her options before making a decision. The purpose of this example is to demonstrate that there are many homeowners who make similar choices, and after reading this informati…

What Is Rock Strata And How Is It Beneficial For My Home’s Foundation? | PIERMAN

When building a building, it's important to start with a strong foundation. This applies to all types of structures, from houses to big buildings like hotels and shopping centers. The foundation helps evenly distribute the weight of the walls on the ground and stops water from getting into the lower floors. It's a really important first step in creating…

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